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قطعتين لهايةافينت سيليكون

رقم الموديل : SCF170- 68
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نظرة عامةBrand Description: As a Mother & Childcare brand recommended by moms worldwide, Philips Avent prides itself on providing innovative baby products. For over thirty years, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with healthcare professionals, clinicians and moms on a full range, from breastfeeding to bottle feeding products, pacifiers and toddler cups. Philips Avent is here to help you build a healthy start for a happy baby. Product Description: The extra soft and smooth silicone teat soothes and provides comfort to baby, and ensures her gums and teeth develop naturally. The base design allows air to flow in all directions while the soother is in her mouth, and does not irritate your baby. The anti irritation holes ensure maximum air circulation and avoid saliva stagnation, letting the skin breathe freely. The soother is ergonomically shaped to fit s the baby's face, providing appropriate space for her chin and nose. Its rounded edges offer a gentle touch on the baby s skin. For maximum hygiene, the soother comes with a snap on protective cap. It also features a safety ring handle that facilitates easy removal. The pacifier also features fun animal design on its outside. This Philips SCF182 64 Avent Animal Soother is suitable for infants from 6 to 18 months old. Key Features Odorless and Taste Free Pacifies and Calms Symmetrical Collapsible Nipple Convenient Features Odorless and Taste Free This Philips Avent Animal Soother is an odorless and taste free silicone nipple that helps make the transition between breast, a bottle, and a pacifier easy. It doesn t cause any discomfort even when your baby holds on to it for longer. Pacifies and Calms These Philips Avent Animal Soother automatically satisfies your infant s natural sucking reflex and keeps the toddler calm even when he she falls asleep. It serves as a great option to pacify them when they are feeling irritated. Symmetrical Collapsible Nipple Philips pacifiers are symmetrically designed with drop shaped collapsible nipples that fit your baby s mouth comfortably and provide comfort while teething. It doesn t hinder the natural growth of your kid s gums, teeth, or palate, even if upside down while in the mouth. Convenient Features The pacifier also comes with snap on protective cap, which keeps the soother clean and repels dust and germs. Its safety ring helps your take out or place the soother into your child s tiny mouth comfortably. This soother can be sterilized and also put into the dishwasher for cleaning.
Target Age Range0 To 6 Months
اسم اللونشفاف
اسم الموديلPhilips Avent STHR SIL 0-6M TRANS X2

قطعتين لهايةافينت سيليكون

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