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Sun Kiss - Deep Tanning Oil Multicolour

رقم الموديل : 764460583540
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  • 100% natural products company specializes in skin and hair care products including natural oils, deodorants, body butters, natural soaps, body lotions, natural exfoliators, hand creams, eye creams, facial creams and shower gels. As your body always needs care, make it always natural. Our products raw materials are natural African ingredients free of any chemicals.
  • Raw African is a constantly evolving innovative body and hair care brand dedicated to bringing you the best in cruelty-free cosmetics. Our goal is to continue to inform, encourage and participate in the fight for animal rights. We buy ingredient only from sources that do not commission tests on animals. We are passionate about the quality of our products and the safety of our customers, so we are happy to comply with international safety standards. Our own products made fresh by hand using only natural ingredients. No preservative or packaging. We believe in making effective products from fresh organic “Fruits, Vegetables and the finest essential oils” The words Fresh and Organic have an honest meaning beyond marketing.
  • We believe our products are good value, our customer is always right. We believe in creating more than just fun, gorgeous products for our customers but also we are committed to make a difference in the world with the choices we make as a brand. We're so proud of the company we've built and the products we've created, but don't take our word for it. Hear what others have to say.
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رقم الموديل764460583540
اسم الموديلTanning Oil 58

Sun Kiss - Deep Tanning Oil Multicolour

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