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AuthorDennis C. Mueller
PublisherSpringer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. KG
Publication Date1-Dec-00
EditorUwe Cantner
Book DescriptionJoseph Schumpeter oscillated in his view about the type of economic system that was most conducive to growth. In his 1911 treatise, Schumpeter argued that a more decentralized and turbulent industry structure where the pro- cess of creative destruction was triggered by vigorous entrepreneurial ac- tivity was the engine of economic growth. But by 1942 Schumpeter had modified his theory, arguing instead that a more centralized and stable industry structure was more conducive to growth. According to Schum- peter (1942, p. 132), under the managed economy there was little room for entrepreneurship because, "Innovation itself is being reduced to routine. Technological progress is increasingly becoming the business of teams of trained specialists who turn out what is required to make it work in pre- dictable ways" (p. 132). Schumpeter (1942) reversed his earlier view by arguing that the integration of knowledge creation and appropriation be- stowed an inherent innovative advantage upon giant corporations, "Since capitalist enterprise, by its very achievements, tends to automize progress, we conclude that it tends to make itself superfluous - to break to pieces under the pressure of its own success.~~~~Uwe Cantner, geb. 1960, ist seit 2000 Inhaber des Lehrstuhls VWL, insbesondere Mikroökonomik, an der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena.~~378~~~~~~~~~~ 21~~N26577277A~~In this volume, a noted Egyptologist offers a concise, scholarly exposition of Egyptian belief in Osiris, god of the resurrection; other -gods- of the Egyptians; the judgment of the dead and the resurrection; and immortality. Also, the meaning of the afterlife for ancient Egyptians and its ramifications for Egyptian society.~~~~~~224~~~~~~~~~~ 21~~N26575241A~~Spanning more than two millennia, Reflections of Osiris opens a small window into a timeless world, capturing the flavor of life in ancient Egypt through vivid profiles of eleven actual people and the god Osiris. Some of the figures profiled here are famous. Ray discusses Imhotep, whom he calls "Egypt's Leonardo"-the royal architect of the Step Pyramid, high priest of the sun cult, and a man of great medical skill. We meet Hatshepsut, a rare female Pharaoh, who had herself depicted as a male figure in temple scenes, ceremonial beard and all. Horemheb, who rose from local politician to general and finally to king. And the legendary magician, Pharaoh Nectanebo II, the greatest builder of temples. Equally intriguing are the lives of everyday Egyptians who are also resurrected here. There is Heqanakht, a cantankerous peasant farmer who has problems with his sons-and they with their stepmother. And Petiese, a scribe whose petition to the authorities preserves a feud stretching back over generations. Most fascinating of all are the people of the Serapeum: a Greek recluse, his brother (a rootless adolescent and police informer), two temple dancers with financial difficulties, and a temple scribe. All of whom we come to know intimately-even their dreams. Last comes the god Osiris, judge of the netherworld, creator of the land of Egypt, before whom all would appear at the end of their lives. Reflections of Osiris captures the full spectrum of life in ancient Egypt. With more than twenty halftones and several maps, this superb volume will fascinate anyone interested in an inside look at the great ancient civilization of the Nile.~~A writer with a wry streak, Ray provides an exciting introduction to Egyptology... By means of a dozen mini-biographies, this Egyptologist lends a fascinatingly vivifying touch to pharaonic civilization. So fragmentary are its records and ruins that it would seem impossible to glimpse the persons behind the pharaohs' glory-be-to-me monumentalism, but Ray more than meets the challenge.-Booklist~~John Ray is the Herbert Thompson Reader in Egyptology in the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Selwyn College. He previously worked in the British Museum and has been a Visiting Professor at Yale and the University of Chicago. He writes regularly for The Times (London), TLS, and The London Review of Books. A well-known radio commentator, he presented the recent BBC-TV documentary "Ramesses the Great."~~192~~~~~~~~~~ 21~~N26577278A~~The author begins with a history of ancient Egypt and a list of its kings, and then plunges into the daily life of the people from the cradle to the grave and beyond - their manners and customs, trade and commerce, their literature and religious beliefs. Dr. Budge examines the Egyptian family and school, the furniture, jewelry, food and drink of the household, Egyptian society, Egyptians at work and play, the Egyptian religions and its temples, its numerous gods and priests, Egyptian writing, literature and knowledge of medicine, astrology and alchemy. The book concludes with the Egyptian dead, Heaven and Hell, and the future life.~~~~Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge(1857 1934) ranked among the most distinguished Egyptologists of his era. In addition to his 40-year career at the British Museum, Budge was a prolific and popular author who specialized in books on ancient Egyptian religion and hieroglyphic primers."~~358~~~~~~~~~~ 21~~N26575242A~~The tradition of ancient philosophy is a long, rich and varied one, in which a constant note is that of discussion and argument. This book introduces readers to some ancient debates to engage with the ancient developments of some themes. Getting away from the presentation of ancient philosophy as a succession of Great Thinkers, the book gives readers a sense of the freshness and liveliness of ancient philosophy, and of its wide variety of themes and styles. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.~~~~Julia Annas is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona and author of several books for OUP, including An Introduction to Plato's Republic and The Morality of Happiness. She is also series editor for the Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy.~~152~~~~~~~~~~ 21~~N26575243A~~New Edition Market Leader reflects the fast-changing world of business with updated material from authentic sources. The Practice File includes vocabulary exercises, language review, and writing tasks~~~~~~48~~~~~~~~~~ 21~~N26577279A~~It's Gromit the dog's birthday, and his friend Wallace gives him an unusual present a pair of techno-trousers. At first Wallace uses the trousers to take Gromit for walks, but when the penguin comes to stay, he uses them one night for something different very different. This strange story won the Oscar(r) for Best Animated Short Film in 1990.~~~~~~48~~~~~~~~~~ 21~~N26575244A~~Interactions Mosaic, 4th Edition is the newly expanded five-level, four-skill comprehensive ESL/ELT series for academic students. The new edition, for beginners to advanced learners, incorporates interactive and communicative activities while still focusing on skill building to prepare students for academic content. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, as well as Grammar are thoroughly presented in each strand. High-interest themes are integrated across all skill strands and levels. Language proficiencies as well are articulated from level to level. The new features include: global activities are suitable for ESL/ELT monolingual or multilingual classrooms; new design, content, audio programs, photos, and illustrations reinforce skill-building exercises; placement tests and chapter quizzes are included in each Instructor's Manual; user-friendly instructions, complete scope and sequence, and consistent chapter structure offer greater flexibility in lesson planning; and 5 new videos, one per level, immerse students in authentic language. The program components include: Student Texts; Instructor's Manuals; Audio Programs for L/S and Reading (Audio Cassettes/CDs); L/S Assessment Audio Cassettes and CDs; Reading Student Audio CDs; Program CD/ROM; Video Demo; Audio Cassette; and Student Book. The Student Books of the new 4th edition of "Interactions Mosaic" have completely updated photos and illustrations and sport a new design. User-friendly instructions appeal to both instructor and student. A complete scope and sequence is presented at the beginning of each book. Consistent chapter structure creates greater flexibility in lesson planning. "Interactions Access" (Beginning to High Beginning) features Reading/Writing Scope and Sequence - Reading Type, Vocabulary Development, Reading Skills/Strategies, Writing Structures, Real-Life Reading/Writing, and Video Topics. The chapter structure includes: In This Chapter gives students a preview of the upcoming material; Before You Read provides preliminary scaffolding activities to help students deal with authentic language; Photos and Illustrations activate prior knowledge of the reading topic; Vocabulary Preview allows students to anticipate unknown vocabulary; Vocabulary and language-learning strategies for alphabetizing, following directions, and reading graphics give students comprehension and self-assessment; Discussing the Reading encourages students to contribute their own opinions on high-interest subjects relating to the readings; Real-life reading connects the classroom to real life through ads, forms, brochures, and other realia; and Practicing the Writing Process encourages thoughtful composition by guiding students step-by-step from exploring topics to self-editing. The chapter structure also includes: Group Work maximizes opportunities for discussion and negotiation; Using Sentence Patterns introduces relevant grammar topics as writing tools; and Video News Broadcasts immerse students in authentic language, complete with scaffolding and follow-up activities to reinforce listening and speaking skills. The chapter themes include: Neighborhoods, Cities, and Towns; Shopping and e-Commerce; Friends and Family; Health Care; Men and Women; Sleep and Dreams; Work and Lifestyles; Food and Nutrition; Great Destinations; and Our Planet.
About the AuthorAfter teaching EFL in Korea and Greece, Pam Hartmann settled in California. She has taught ESOL at UCLA Extension, USC, Santa Monica college and West Los Angeles College. She currently teaches in the college Preparatory Program at Evan Community Adult School and writes textbooks in every spare moment. She is the author of Clues to Culture, and co-author of Tense situations, Get It? Got It!, Interactions Access Reading/Writing and Interactions I & II Reading.
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Capitalism And Democracy In The 21st Century Hardcover

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