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Innovative bathroom mat rug (50*80cm)

رقم الموديل : HWLDMT029
39.00 ر.س.‏(شامل ضريبة القيمة المضافة)
ادفع على 4 دفعات بدون فوائد بقيمة ٩٫٧٥ ر.س.اعرف المزيد
ادفع على 4 دفعات بدون فوائد بقيمة ٩٫٧٥ ر.س.اعرف المزيد
اطلب في غضون 13 ساعة 50 دقيقة
توصلك بين الثلاثاء, 26 سبتمبر - الاحد, 1 اكتوبر
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  • 【Foldable, Easy Clean & Storage】-The thickness of this soft water absorbent mat is only 3 cm, which can be folded easily. It can store in your cupboard, which also can save many spaces for you. Clean is very simple, you can wash it by hand with clean
  • 【Efficiently Water Absorbency】- Made of natural safe diatomaceous earth with super water absorbency and quick drying ability; Absorb most of the water from the soles of your feet in a few seconds; Keep your feet and floor dry and clean.
  • 【Easy To Clean】- Just wash with running water or wipe with a wet cloth. Fast dry and refresh itself; Please don't bask in the sun long time,diatomite mud maybe warped if use in increcct way.
  • 【Super absorbent】- The diatomaceous earth bath pad absorbs water quickly. After absorbing water, the bottom of the cushion will not seep, and there is no need to wring it out, making the bathroom floor drier and safer.
  • 【Quick absorption】- The main constituent of diatom mud is diatomite.the diatom has numerous tiny pores on the surface of the microscope.it has up to 90% porosity surface that will absorb excess moisture quickly,and can absorb water 2-4 times its own
اسم اللونBrown
طول المنتج80 cm
ارتفاع المنتج2 cm
عرض/عمق المنتج50 cm
رقم الموديلHWLDMT029
اسم الموديلHWLDMT029
عدد القطع1

Innovative bathroom mat rug (50*80cm)

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