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New neck mounted Bluetooth wireless headset neck mounted two-ear sports headset

معذرة! هذا المنتج غير متوفر.
متوفر قريبا

اسم اللون

Noon Locker
توصيل مجاني لنقطة نون ومراكز الاستلام
معرفة المزيد
نظرة عامة
الميزات الأساسية
  • The magnetic absorption design of the headset head is not wrapped and stored well, and it is light and fashionable to wear and not easy to lose.
  • The horn and central control magnet are not wrapped for storage, and are light to wear.
  • Life-grade waterproof and all-round protection, even if you sweat profusely, there will be no harm to the earphones. It is resistant to stains and corrosion for a long time and durable, and you are not afraid of sweat and rain.
  • 45° inclined in-ear ergonomic design, the golden ratio is superimposed three times, it is firmly worn and comfortable in the ear, and it is a kind of enjoyment to wear.
  • The speaker and the central control magnetic suction design are not entangled for easy storage, and it is light and stylish to wear and is not easy to lose.
  • The neck hanging is preferably made of medical liquid silicone material, which is elastic and smooth like skin, warm and comfortable, and can be bent at will.
نوع الشحنUSB 2.0
نوع التوصيلBluetooth/Wireless
وزن المنتج50 g
اسم اللونBlack
محتويات العلبةBluetooth headset
نوع سماعات الصوتIn-Ear
نوع الاستخدامSports & Fitness
طول المنتج15 cm
ارتفاع المنتج2 cm
عرض/عمق المنتج10 cm
الميزة Active Noise Cancellation, Ambidextrous, Bluetooth, Compact Size, Double Speaker
سماتActive Noise Cancellation, Bluetooth, Ambidextrous, ControlSync, Ergonomic
رقم الموديلB3
اسم الموديلYGYQZ
عدد القطع1

New neck mounted Bluetooth wireless headset neck mounted two-ear sports headset

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