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Author 1Glenn Rogers
Book DescriptionIt had been a long time since Jake had allowed himself to love anyone. He had felt responsible for Elaine's death and loving another woman, even after almost four years, just didn't feel right. But when he'd discovered the truth about what had happened, things changed. Jake was in love again. And the woman he loved was Monica Nolan. He'd probably loved her for a long time but hadn't realized it. He'd thought she was just a good friend. When he finally allowed himself to love her, the love was deep and complete. And when she was abducted, his anger was just as deep and complete. He'd find her. No question about that. And when he did, those who took her would regret it. Working with his closest friend, FBI Special Agent in Charge, Alex Watson, Jake works feverishly to discover who took Monica and why. Was it someone with a grudge against her, someone who she had investigated recently? Or could it have been someone from her days as an Army MP? As Jake and Alex search for a virtually non-existent trail, the kidnapper sends Jake a note that takes the investigation in a very different direction.
PublisherSimpson And Brook, Publishers