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Along Came December Paperback

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AuthorJay Allisan
PublisherJay Allisan
Publication Date15-Dec-16
Book DescriptionShe watched him die. She won't watch his killer live., , , , Eighteen months ago, homicide detective Shirley Mordecai witnessed a bomb tear her husband apart, and her life is still in fragments. Panic attacks threaten her career. Bitterness alienates her friends. And her husband's killer is about to stand trial, pleading not guilty by reason of insanity., , , , Mordecai's poised to snap., , , , But vengeance comes at a cost, and the price is everything she has left. Suddenly more alone than she's ever been, it's all she can do to keep the memory of what she lost from dragging her under. When unfinished business jeopardizes the last of what she loves, Mordecai must face not only the ghosts of her past, but a deadly game of cat and mouse that could eliminate her future., , , , In her darkest hour, with time running out and history about to repeat, Mordecai will stop at nothing to save the only family she has left -- and maybe then she can finally save herself.
Number of Pages532