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AuthorStephen Coonts
PublisherSt. Martins Press-3pl
Publication Date41609
Book DescriptionNew york times bestselling author stephen coonts brings the action close to home in this fast-paced military thriller, america, , dispatched on a trial run, nasa's superaegis satellite has been created as the foundation of an international antimissle defense system. But moments after dispatch, it vanishes. Rear admiral jake grafton fears something worse than a grave malfunction--he suspects sabotage..., , The uss america--the world's most technically advanced nuclear submarine--is launched on its maiden voyage. Then shortly after steaming out of harbor, the unthinkable happens. Pirated by terrorists, america disappears beneath the roiling waves of the atlantic, its tomahawk warheads aimed directly at the united states..., , An ingeniously calculated war has been waged--but the rouge enemy is far more insidious than jake grafton ever imagined. His mission: ferret out the core group responsible, overtake the stealth sub, and destroy it. But times is running out, and the race is on for grafton to blow the covert operation out of the water before an entire nation is brought to its knees.
Editorial Review"coonts never lets up with heart-racing jet/missile combat, suspenseful submarine maneuvers and doomsday scenarios that feel only too real." --"Publishers weekly" (starred review) "coonts's action and the techno-talk are as gripping as ever." --"Kirkus reviews"
About the AuthorStephen coonts is the author of the disciple, the assassin, and the deep black and saucers series, among many other bestsellers. His first novel, the classic flying tale flight of the intruder, spent more than six months at the top of the new york times bestseller list. A motion picture based on the book was released in 1991. His novels have been published around the world and translated into more than a dozen languages. In 1986, he was honored by the u.S. Naval institute with its author of the year award. He is also the editor of four anthologies, combat, on glorious wings, victory and war in the air. Coonts served in the navy from 1969 to 1977, including two combat cruises on the uss enterprise during the last years of the vietnam war.
Number of Pages400