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Country of OriginUnited States of America (USA)
AuthorCarla Mae
Publication Date31-Oct-04
Book Description"Believing in Paradise" takes a light-hearted journey through the quirky lives of the residents of a sleepy, cul-de-sac in Paradise, Georgia. After a series of phenomenal visits from their deceased relatives, each finds their view of life and death changed dramatically. Is there really life after death? Can our loved ones communicate with us? What is the after-life really like? These questions and more are answered as the veil between the spirit world and that of Georgia is lifted. "I loved it. Although it was written as fiction, it will open up many avenues of awareness for people."--Rev. Isabelle Moll, St. John's Church Of Faith, Allentown, PA "This heartwarming story paints a vivid tale of contact with the spirit dimension and provides comfort to anyone.~~~~Carla Mae is an internationally known psychic medium specializing in communicating with the other side. She not only has hosted her own radio show, Continuing Connections, but is a frequent guest on shows across the country. She is based in the Dallas area where she conducts live group readings, private sessions and teaches a variety of spiritual classes. Carla Mae travels around the country using her humorous and candid approach to demonstrate that there is life on the other side and we can, and do communicate with our loved ones.~~124~~~~~~~~~~ N25611822A~~"I never discuss money with my clothes on. But I don't think he'll miss $3,000 and I'm worth every penny." She says defensively. "What's the matter, you don't like professional girls?" "On the contrary," The Player replies. "I've always admired someone who can charge so much when so many are giving it away for free." ***** "All of it?" The dealer asks with apprehension. The Player nods.~~~~~~140~~~~~~~~~~ N25611823A~~A heart warming journey seen through the lives of a family moving to a rural idyll. A mystery lies in their new cottage that keeps the reader interested in turning the pages to the end. "A story to enjoy for all ages that leaves the reader feeling uplifted and wanting more." - David J. Andrews, Author of "Lobster Calypso" "A tale of English village life depicted in a sensitive and insightful way. The quaint characters and unique storyline make this book a pleasure to read." --Mindy Gibbins-Klein, Author of "A Dance in the Desert"~~~~Mollie Noble has lived in North Yorkshire England for most of her life including a number of years in the Yorkshire Dales. She is a retired schoolteacher and was a Land Girl during the Second World War. Writing to her is a pleasure and a hobby with short stories recently published in This England and Best of British magazines. ~~140~~~~~~~~~~ N25611824A~~Readers are talking about "Simply Christmas"! I reserve a prominent place in my home for displaying Cappy's yuletide delight so that my guests may be touched as am I by her creative work. Annabel Alderman, Nashville, Georgia Looking forward to Cappy's Christmas story every year is anticipation at its best. Finally, I have a collection we can savor over and over! Beverly and Mac Gibbons, Hartwell, Georgia Cappy's extraordinary sense of the human condition and love for her characters always results in a good story. In "Simply Christmas," she touches your heart with wit and joy, leaving you with an "Aaah!" This book will be your best holiday read.~~~~Cappy Hall Rearick is an award winning short story writer, the author of ten published books: one novel, one creative non-fiction book, one memoir and six short story collections. She has authored five successful columns: Alive and Well in Hollywood; Tidings; Simply Southern; Simply Senior and Puttin' on the Gritz. She is currently writing a series of cozy mysteries featuring The Glad Girls, three senior women living in a small NC town. ~~132~~~~~~~~~~ N25611825A~~Erica conceives a grandiose and sophisticated scheme of deception she's confident nobody will ever know, including her husband. She loves him dearly but her impulse takes over, letting nothing be in her way that would interfere with her objectives and strategy. She's always in control. Why not? She's beautiful, smart, gifted, and fearless. When the truth is unexpectedly revealed she admits her betrayal. She, for the first time in her life, sees part of her she hates, and part of her that scares and freezes her. Has the time come for her mind to meet her heart? Jim adores his wife but violates and betrays her trust with an inhuman, diabolic, and conspiratory plan of deception. He finally confesses to her but his guilt consumes him.~~~~Dean A. Papas, MD, a board certified surgeon, practiced in Cleveland, Ohio for some time before moving to El Paso, Texas, where he would concentrate on writing. He authored another novel titled Vows of Three Sisters.~~148~~~~~~~~~~ N25611826A~~"I thought it was brilliant, really brilliant. What a smart boy Tristram is."--Mrs. Hoosier "I'm really a lot cooler than the book makes me out to be."--Jason Hoosier "Okay, so Tristram wrote a book. Big deal. Anybody could do that. He thinks he's so big all of a sudden. But I can still kick his ass, and he better never forget it."--Aaron Hoosier Tristram Hoosier, age 12, gets in a fight at school over a haircut, becomes a vegetarian for a day, sneaks out to watch a midnight movie and builds a fort in the woods--perfectly normal activities for a seventh-grader growing up in Indiana. 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About the AuthorPeyton Mathie was born in Webster, South Dakota; but her childhood was split between Waubay, South Dakota and Brooklyn, New York. She currently resides in suburban Minneapolis, where she received her Liberal Arts Degree and has been raising her family.
Number of Pages136

Believing In Paradise Hardcover

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