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Bloody Truth : A Granger Spy Novel Hardcover

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AuthorJohn Davis
PublisherSimon And Winter Inc.
Book Description..".A throwback to the golden era of mysteries..." - J.M. Leduc for suspense magazine, , a lot can happen in three days. Friends can become enemies, enemies can become friends, and the truth, if you can find it, can get bloody., , When a mistake in a run-of-the-mill reconnaissance mission is ruthlessly exploited as a pretext for war, the grangers must scramble to expose the plan before casualties start mounting. To make matters worse, someone is using a powerful computer algorithm against the international intelligence community, raiding files and manipulating reports., , Ron, valerie, and leecy go undercover to try to identify the real mastermind before the cia and interpol arrest the wrong person, leaving the world's data vulnerable. But can they do it before they are exposed as agents?, , When you can't trust anyone else, trust your family.
Editorial ReviewThe granger family returns in the second of the granger spy series, and I for one am thrilled to see them again. John j. Davis has written a series that is not only fresh and riveting, but in many ways it is also a throwback to the golden era of mysteries-the type many of us cut our teeth on when we were young-think james bond and nancy drew blended and stirred. What starts as a rather routine mission turns into something much greater. At stake . . . World domination! What makes john j. Davis's granger spy series so good is that is a suspense thriller that defies genre. It is espionage, political, and a touch of ya just to name a few. Although "bloody truth" can be read as a stand-alone, I suggest reading "blood line," the first book in the series first. It will add to your reading pleasure. In "bloody truth," davis has done what few authors have accomplished in many years; he has written a suspense thriller that can be read and enjoyed by the entire family, and for that, he is to be applauded. I highly recommend "bloody truth" and eagerly await the next granger spy novel. -J.M. Leduc for suspense magazine bloody truth is intrigue, thriller, espionage and counterintelligence at its best, bound up by family interactions and relationships unusual for a genre that typically features only a lone wolf or two at the helm of disaster. It pits three individuals against an unknown enemy, it centers upon a power struggle for the world's data, and it involves secret agents operating on a different level than thrillers usually present. Multiagency forces, uncertain cease fires, computer hackers, and agents dropped in the middle of nowhere make for a tense, gripping story line that excels in unexpected twists and turns, political intrigue, and vivid action. Bloody truth will find a welcoming home in any reader looking for its protagonists to be more connected and more vividly drawn than most in the thriller genre. -D. Donovan, ebook reviewer, midwest book reviews bloody truth is smart, violent, and light-speed fast. It reveals the back stage intrigues, double-crosses and unscrupulous corruption of global politics today. I recommend it without qualification as both an entertaining good read and an eye-opening lesson in current history. -Alan rinzler, contributing editor bloody truth: a granger spy novel by john j. Davis is a spellbinding, beautifully written book that will find a prominent place amongst my collection of james patterson books. Readers will most certainly fall in love with the compelling characters, the exciting drama, and the surprises that are never lacking in the well-crafted plot. The dialogue flows naturally and readers can easily get the feeling that they are part of it, but the real fun happens in those nail-biting moments of roller-coaster action and the insanity that creates our fictional heroes. I highly recommend bloody truth: a granger spy novel for the excellent prose, the masterly storyline, and the characters that are interesting to watch. 5 Star review -romuald dzemo for readers' favorite
Number of Pages210