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Broken Eagle: A Thriller Paperback

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Author 1James Crouse
Book DescriptionThis is a fast-moving military-legal-aviation thriller about a flawed aircraft weapons program that seems destined to continue unless someone brings out the truth about its fatal flaws. That someone winds up being a reluctant southern attorney, Jake Baird., , , , Following his service in a secret U.S. Army helicopter unit, attorney Baird specializes in aviation personal-injury law in Raleigh, North Carolina. When young widow Lisa Thorpe seeks representation and help understanding the XV-11 crash that killed her husband, Jake ends up right where he doesn't want to be - taking on the U.S. military in a case that is almost impossible to win., , , , At a hastily arranged rendezvous just after meeting Lisa Thorpe, an anonymous, disheveled ex-military officer presses a folder of classified documents into Jake's hands with an ominous warning for Jake: "Watch your six." When Jake reads the file he understands the admonition: the file is full of classified documents showing a massive cover-up of the XV-11's flaws by governmental and corporate schemers intent on seeing the project continue for their own good, regardless of the cost in lives of the military persons operating the aircraft., , , , Jake soon finds his world crawling with men in dark suits and sunglasses who are intent on recovering the stolen XV-11 secret file and who are willing to do anything--including murder--to stop the dissemination of the damaging information. Jake is now confronted with risks to his own personal safety and the question of how to use the stolen classified information to help Lisa Thorpe--if he decides to take her case. But how can he, himself an Reserve Army aviator, remain silent, knowing that the aircraft's flaws endanger the lives of U.S. servicemen and women?, , , , With the help of retired naval officer Stanford Kemp, Jake's irrepressible secretary, Florence, and his seer-suckered fellow lawyer Irwin Thompson, Jake devises an intricate plan to outmaneuver the lethal rogue government agents, the big corporations and the U.S. military, all of whom are intent on stopping him. Jake is in for the fight of his life--to save himself, do justice for Lisa Thorpe, and to save the lives of others.
Editorial ReviewJames Crouse's gripping drama resonates with realistic details from his deep knowledge about the law, aviation and the military. It's a page turner in the mode of Scott Turow and John Grisham. Sara Just, Executive Producer, PBS NewsHour and Senior Vice President WETA "Jim Crouse has the military aviation background and the aviation trial lawyer's experience to spin this story with gusto and credibility, which makes it very enjoyable - and just a little frightening - for the reader. Climb aboard, strap in and get ready for a memorable ride." Gary W. Allen in the editor of the Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association Journal, Former Director, Aviation & Admiralty Litigation, Torts Branch, Civil Division, United States Dept of Justice "Former helicopter pilot, James T. Crouse, writes about a world he knows well, and takes us on a tense read that will leave any citizen wondering about the intersection between military security and the lure of billions in taxpayer money. Crouse's thriller shows his blow-torch conscience when it comes to the national interest of the United States. " William E. Jackson, Jr., Huffington Post contributor, former government and politics professor at Davidson College, and former foreign and defense policy scholar at the Brookings Institution. "Crouse clearly knows the world and ways of the law, the military and the South inside out - and who writes as assuredly and convincingly about women (hallelujah!) as about combat, aviation and courtrooms in this tale's troubling and all-too-believable tangle of Washington politics, murderously venal business interests and scorched-earth tours of duty." Karen Shook, Books Editor, Times Higher Education, London "The reader leaves this entertaining journey through aircraft design and government conspiracy when they suddenly realize they also received an education in aerodynamics, piloting, aircraft systems and American law. Crouse uses his considerable military, aviation and legal experience to give us a compelling story that only he could write. His writing style and knowledge make this a delightful read for both the enthusiast and a newcomer to aviation, law and the military." Colin A. Sommer, Professional Mechanical Engineer, Pilot and a Rotorcraft & Fixed Wing Accident Investigator "I could not put BROKEN EAGLE down. I had to find out what was being covered up and why, who knew about the defects in the XV11 aircraft, and how Jake would live through all of the challenges he encountered. A great military-legal thriller!" Gary Little, former USMC Helicopter crew chief on MARINE ONE. "This story unfortunately tells what too often happens in government-industry relationships, and Crouse's expertise in aircraft knowledge and the legal process provides a great authenticity to the dramatic, compelling tale. Crouse's hero, attorney Jake Baird, undertakes a harrowing journey to stop this evil intent and defend the nation's warriors from dying in a defective machine deployed way before it was ready. It's a great read!!" Tom McHale, Major Airline Captain (Retired) and US Army Helicopter Pilot (Retired). "In a riveting expose using well-developed characters and a thrilling plot, Crouse draws from a thorough knowledge of both the law and aviation to expose the tempting flaws that can corrode character and morals when government and contractors have too much money and too little principles when developing new weapons systems. It's a great read." William S Lawrence, Colonel USMC (Ret'd); Aviator and Engineering Test Pilot; Aircraft Accident Investigative Consultant"
PublisherCaromount Island Publishing