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Author 1Faith Hunter
Book DescriptionFor the first time--in one Audible-exclusive collection--it's 13 stories of Jane Yellowrock, the shape-shifting skinwalker and vampire hunter for hire whose business card reads, "Have Stakes--Will Travel." Jane carries inside her the soul of her Beast, the mountain lion's soul which merged with hers when she accidently performed black magic as a child. Now, she and her Beast stalk the dark streets of New Orleans, bringing rogue vampires true death. In Cat o' Nine Tales, you'll discover how Jane turned into a big cat for the first time; how she and Molly became friends; how Rick LaFleur got his tattoos. You'll go along on some of Jane's early vamp hunts. You'll even hear two short tales through Bruiser's eyes. Once you experience these stories set in the fantastic world of this New York Times bestselling series, you'll surely agree with Kim Harrison that Jane Yellowrock is "smart, sexy and ruthless." The stories included in Cat o' Nine Tales are: "WeSa and the Lumber King" "The Early Years" "Cat Tats" "Kits" "Haints" "Signatures of the Dead" "First Sight" "Blood, Fangs and Going Furry" "Dance Master" "Cajun With Fangs" "Golden Delicious" "Beneath a Bloody Moon" "Black Water"
PublisherAudible Studios on Brilliance