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Clairvoyant: A Sister Clarisse Mystery Book 5 Paperback

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AuthorRogers Glenn
PublisherSimpson & Brook, Publishers
Publication Date12-Sep-17
Book DescriptionOne of Clarisse's girls, known on the street as Clair, short for Clairvoyant, has a series visions that become increasingly bizarre and confusing. The images are uncertain, the meaning unclear, except for a man present in each of the scenes--a man she sees clearly. But who is he and why is he watching her? When an attempt is made on Clair's life, Clarisse and Sophie hide her at the shelter. When one of the boys trying to help Clair discover the identity of the man in her visions is killed, Clarisse, struggling with serious health challenges, is determined to discover both the meaning of the visions and the identity of the killer.
Number of Pages284