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Code Word Paternity: A Presidential Thriller Paperback

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AuthorDoug Norton
PublisherMagothy River Press
Publication Date28-Mar-18
Book DescriptionIn a twenty-first century Pearl Harbor, nuclear terrorism takes its first city--Las Vegas--and stalks Baltimore. The terrorists have no return address--but the nuke they used does. A scientific trail scented by an ultra-secret U.S. program hidden for years behind the code word "Paternity" points toward the nation that made the bomb., , But there's no smoking gun. Struggling to lead a divided, panicked America, wring support from uncertain allies, and blunt the opportunism of rivals, the president faces an ethical dilemma threatening his marriage, his presidency, and his very soul. As commander-in-chief, controlling nearly unfathomable power to retaliate, he can put the Armageddon genie back in the bottle--but at what cost and to whom? Ambition, conscience, and duty collide as heads of state, politicians, diplomats, and generals maneuver with the lives of millions at stake.
Editorial ReviewDoug Norton's Code Word series will keep you up at night, even after you've finished reading.--Matthew Palmer, author of Enemy of the Good.
Number of Pages310