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Drink Dirt Eat Stone Paperback

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AuthorKyle Fleishman
PublisherWheat Kings Endeavor
Book DescriptionFormer Native Syndicate hitman and Gulf War hero Tristan Stonehorse walks out of Stony Mountain Penitentiary a free man for the first time in fourteen years. But Tristan owes. Kill one last man and he can put his violent past behind him and possibly mend the relationship with his grown daughter. If only things were that simple. When the job goes sideways, his would-be killers are dead and Tristan finds himself on the run with a group of highly skilled, anonymous killers trying to put him down for good. As he traverses the country he must do the one thing he hates most. Explore his own past. Evoking the gloomy violence of the early novels of Denis Johnson and Cormac McCarthy, Drink Dirt Eat Stone is a savagely beautiful novel about truth and transcendence, and one man's journey to live down his past. It is a dark but lucid vision, a moving novel about the bleak reality of a world where the lowest common denominator of power is violence, and the winner is always the person who can wield it the most brutally.
Number of Pages254