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Family Secrets : A Jake Badger Mystery Thriller Book 1 Hardcover

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Author 1Glenn Rogers
Book DescriptionWhen June Morrison, CEO of Lindell Industries, asked Jake Badger to find out why her identical twin sister, Jane, walked away from her family, her enormous wealth, and her privileged life thirty years before, she had no idea that she was putting not only Jake's life in danger but her own as well. She had no idea she was setting in motion events that would change her life and her company in ways she could not yet imagine., , , , As Jake begins to talk with people at Lindell Industries who had worked with Jane thirty years before, someone within the 120 billion dollar electronics and weapons company sends people to warn Jake off the case. Undaunted by threats, Jake continues his inquiry. As he discovers corporate indiscretions and cover-ups, the situation becomes dangerous, escalating from thugs threatening him to assassins trying to kill him. A witness is murdered, and even June Morrison becomes a target. Clearly, someone wants the secrets of the past to remain secret. Discovering who is behind the assassination attempts and what the corporate secrets have to do with Jane's leaving thirty years before, takes Jake from the corporate offices of Lindell Industries in Century City, California, to a McDonalds in Falls Church, Virginia, to the campuses of Harvard and Yale Universities, and to the home of a young man in Tempe, Arizona, who cleans swimming pools for a living. What family secrets will Jake uncover as he rummages through the dirty laundry of one of the most powerful families in the country?
Editorial ReviewBy William E Payne on April 29, 2016 Really enjoyed reading this book. It moved along with humor and an interesting plot. Sort of puts me in mind of Robert Parker's kind of novel. Excited to find anew author who can hold my interest to read every word! By Patricia J. La Vigne on July 1, 2015 Jake Badger, former military, former fighter, settles on a career of private investigator. June Morrison, daughter of the founder of Lindell Industries and CEO, wants to solve the mystery of her twin sister's disappearance 30 years ago. Jake agrees to take on the challenge, not even suspecting that attempted assassinations (yes, multiple), cross-country travel, the death of a witness whom he had just interviewed, and a young man, strictly a background character, who finds himself facing a whole new life. The reader experiences the intrigue of mystery as the inner workings of corporate strands in a multi-billion dollar industry begin to unravel throughout the chapters. Not until the end will the reader finally learn who is responsible for secrets held within the family business. The story is fast-paced with short chapters to stimulate the reader's desire to read without stopping. Dialogue is cleverly handled to avoid an overabundance of narration, keeping the reader involved in the story. The story is, as the author describes, a mystery thriller well worth taking the time to read. By Doug B. on October 27, 2015 What a ride! Rogers tells a story that reminds you of the detective stories of old. Lovable heroes, mysterious villains, and plot twists you don't see coming. There are also characters you would swear live on your block, confidence and bluster and friendly banter, and of course, just the right mix of murder and mayhem. Rogers has written another page turner that you won't be able to put down!
PublisherSimpson & Brook, Publishers