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Fate: Misfortune Of The Banished Paperback

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Author 1Zack Guzman
Book DescriptionA canus is a desert creature, and Lachesis has lived there all his life. He's never dreamed of life outside the city walls but, after years of hiding from his father and sister's wrath, he finds himself in a world where hate is spreading quickly, searching for a place to belong. Atrepos is the chief to be, and with a promise to the one he calls his soul mate he swears he'll be back in time before the ceremony. Fairies already have it tough, but for Atrepos, that's much more than an understatement. Klotho couldn't be any more of an outcast, but he was always one to embrace it. However, that doesn't make him any less upset that he doesn't know who he was before he became a mermaid. Maybe he didn't have to feel misplaced?
PublisherWavecloud Corporation