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From A Broken Land : Book 1 Of The Broken Throne Paperback

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Author 1William R Herr
Book DescriptionSomething in the mist is alive--or is it the mist, itself?, , , , Kiranae is a girl in flight, carried through the mists to escape a marriage she cannot abide. Gidon is a simple messenger, sent on a mission he is never expected to survive. Through coincidence, fate, or something stronger, they are brought together--bound to each other., , , , But, deep within the shadows and mist, a wicked and threatening force watches them. Gidon must protect the girl, his men, and himself from a force and presence he cannot explain. Together, they are thrust into war, intrigue, and impossible love, never realizing that their lives are part of a larger, and darker, plan.
Editorial ReviewHe take us to a land of his imagination - a land we cannot be sure is wholly imaginary or one that represents a prophecy of where this universe may take us. That latter possibility is one that makes his writing so pungent. His creation of characters, not tropes, make this story sing.-Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Hall of Fame Reviewer "This book grabbed me from the start and drew me in with its mysterious atmosphere, classic medieval-esque world, and intrepid characters. I ended up reading the entire second half in one sitting (staying up way later than I should have) because I just *had* to know how things turned out." -Mary Fan, author of Artificial Absolutes and Firedragon Herr's characters literally leap off the page with the author's unique and, at times, laugh-out-loud dialogue and edge-of-your- seat suspense."--John J. Kelly
PublisherMechanicsburg Press