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Fur Boys : A Dog Park Mystery Paperback

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AuthorC A Newsome
PublisherTwo Pup Press
Publication Date14-Jun-17
Book DescriptionWhen starving artist Lia Anderson stumbles upon a dead diva, it's no walk in the dog park., , Meet Buddy, Dasher, and Rory, three adorable fur boys often in the care of Hannah, the ever-efficient admin at Hopewell Music Academy, site of Lia's latest mural commission. Hannah can juggle anything the academy tosses at her, except the Machiavellian voice professor who owns the fur boys and whose demoralizing and career-crushing ways are the dark underbelly of the prestigious academy., , When the professor is murdered, it's impossible to find someone who didn't want him dead. A mysterious informant is determined to involve Lia's beau, Detective Peter Dourson, though it's not Peter's case now that the Cincinnati Police Department has created a centralized unit to handle homicides. With Peter hamstrung by departmental politics, it's time for Lia and the dog park gang step in., , (75,000 words)
Editorial Review"Another satisfying Lia Anderson mystery from a true talent of the genre." "As usual, Newsome writes in a clever, energetic prose ... The characters are well-drawn; the dialogue is sharp and funny; and the pacing is precise. The opening sequence--Newsome has to juggle a dozen different characters milling around a crime scene--is nothing short of masterful. This remains at its heart a series for dog lovers, but even mystery fans who are ambivalent about dogs will be caught up in Lia's latest quest." --Kirkus Reviews "The Lia Anderson Dog Park series continues to deliver for readers who enjoy thoughtfully crafted mysteries that combine elegant plot twists with characters, both human and canine, you'd love to have as friends." --Stephen Campbell, CrimeFiction.FM
Number of Pages336