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في ظلال السيرة النبوية Hardcover

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Author 1Mohammed Al-Suwaiani
Book DescriptionMercy And Peace Be Upon Him His Father Died Before He Was Born, His Mother'S Daughter, And When He Became A Child His Mother Was Deported From The World, And Then Increased Bitterness By The Departure Of His Grandfather Abdulmutallab Is A Boy .. Take Death Loved Him .. Fjah Them, Leaving Him Memories And Tears. Cindy And Struggled .. Shepherded Sheep And Sold And Bought, And Treated With People Even Ksoh Title Of Secretary. Khadija Won His Heart, And God Separated Them Four Girls Like Flowers, And As He Approached Forty, He Continued The Journey Of Reflection And The Great Questions About Him: People, Life And The Universe. I Realized That There Is No God And No Creator But God, Vnajah Alone Almighty, And The Most Sincere To His Heart, And Spirit Of Isolation Sometimes, Vntk Cave In The Mountain Of Hira, To Purify His Soul, And Yajgi Lord Days Of Each Year, And Then Began To See The Visions Of Truth Evangelize And Puzzled, The Nights Of That Laurel Landed On Him By The Archangel Gabriel, Peace Be Upon Him, So He Received The Message Of His Lord, And Sent Down To Him (Read), And Peace And Blessings Be Upon Him To Mecca And His People, Vzdkh Few And Lie The Rest, And Continued To Invite Them .. Addresses Hearts And Minds .. ), And The History Of A White Lie-Free, So Many Of His Followers, Fearing The Tyrants Of Quraish, And Began Arrests And Prayers For Believers, The People Of Yathrib Founded A Nation With Them On Their Land And In The Word Only. They Built It Without Shedding One Drop Of Blood. .. Founded By Treaties And Documents, Did Not Cut The Pagans As They .. His People Were Made Up Of Jews, Pagans And Muslims. He Tried To Reclaim Them All And To Write Among Them, But He Added To The Weapon Of The Word That He Carried From Mecca Another Weapon: (The Weapon Of Justice). Was Not Built A Prison .. Was Modest Even That His Home Is A Makkah Greater Than His Home, A Governor In The City .. Engaged To Build His State, Forget The Persecution Of Quraish, But The People Of The People To Trade With Them, Especially Tyrants, But They Did Not Leave .. Prevent Him And Prevented His People From Their Right In The Visit To The House Of Their Lord, And Then Incited By The Tribes Of The Arabs, Alternating In The Invasion And Siege And Treachery Of Its Owners, And Betrayed The Jewish Minority Of His People In Alliance With The Tyrants Of Quraysh .. The Jews Who Hosted The Prophet (Peace And Blessings Of Allaah Be Upon Him) Were Rabbis In His Home, And They Loved Their Consent In The Non-Revelation, Yet They Lied To Him And Conspired Against Him And Cursed Him Even Inside His Home. He Was Forced To Sign National Treaties With Them, Guaranteeing Their Rights, Freedom And Security. The Pagan Tribes And Instigated Them, So That They Were Able To Turn Them Into Armies That Besieged Their People, So They Had To Take Up Arms In Defense Of Their Religion, Country And People, Who Pledged To Defend Them And Defend Them. He Fought Wars That Were The Men Of His Family In The Forefront, And He Lost A Lot Of Loved Ones, And As His Country Became The Strongest In The Arabian Peninsula He Did Not Thirst For Blood .. He Did Not Avenge .. Was Taken By Building .. Peace .. Captured Hearts .. By Preserving Lives, The Hearts Of People When They Saw His Face Reciting Grief When He Saw Pagans And Outsiders Naked Naked Hungry, Did Not Approve Of A Decision To Satisfy Them And Contribute And Good Thoughts. At The Height Of His Power And The Most Appropriate Opportunities To Retaliate Against The Tyrants Of Quraysh .. He Was Surprised By The Fact That He Opened The Door To The Victory Of A Pagan Tribe. He Signed A Joint Defense Treaty With Him, And He Was Betrayed By The Tyrants Of Quraish. When He Won, He Was Victorious. They Did Not Commit Massacres .. He Did Not Take Revenge For Twenty Years Of Injustice, Torture And Conspiracies .. The Income Of Mecca Did Not Rape The House Or Land, But Did Not Find A Place To Live In It, But Wadia Was Locked In It And His Companions Before Immigration .. Open Mecca And The Rule Of The Island, , And Began Harassing The State Of The Koran .. Magi And Nasri And Their Agents Began To Send Armies, And Had To Defend The People Of Muftah And The Chains And Tabuk, And Prepared A Third Army For The Same Task Before His Death, And Then Peace Be Upon Him From The World And He Governs The Entire Arabian Peninsula .. He Left Without Dwelling Alone, Or Wearing Gold Or Heat, Or Spend The Night And The Balance Of Dinars Or Dirhams ..
PublisherObeikan Publishing

في ظلال السيرة النبوية Hardcover

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