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Author 1Robert J. Sternberg & Scott Barry Kaufman
Book DescriptionSternberg And Kuffmann Combined Almost All Intelligence Research And His Theories Into Writing An Indispensable Book For Anyone Who Wants To Know Intelligence - Nature And Nurturing - In Its Various Manifestations; It Is One Of The Most Comprehensive And Easy-To-Read Reference Books On Intelligence I Have Read In My Life.  Joshua Aronson, New York University, Editor Of Academic Academic Achievement. Cambridge'S Book Of Intelligence Is An Exceptional Achievement; It Is A Comprehensive, Engaging, Inspiring, And Sometimes Provocative Work; A Book That Leaves No Trace, No Side, No Aspect, No Manifestation Of Intelligence, And No One Else. What Is Intelligence? From Where Does He Come? Can It Be Developed, And How? If You'Re Looking For Answers To Questions Like This, You Will Not Find A Source To Find Them Better Than The Well-Known Domain Experts Whose Work Has Come In This Amazing Book.  Heidi Grant Halvorson, A Psychologist, Author Of How We Can Reach Our Goals, 1488 50 Seller Back to Back - SB2B 3 days 169 N19133816A books 9786035090155 9786035090155 The Rise And Fall Of Civilizations Abdul Latif Bin Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Al Humaidan History World History/Civilisation & Culture Paperback Arabic Obeikan Publishing 21-Mar-2017 The Identification Of The Years And The Development Of Countries And Civilizations, And Then Fall In The Old And Modern Times Gives Us An Example And Example To Find Out The Causes Of Power That Help The Stability Of States, And Protect Them From Weakness That May Lead To Disintegration And Loss. Ibn Khaldun Has Already Established His Age And Established The Sunan Of Civilizations And Their Fall, Which Proved To Be Valid For The Interpretation Of The Emergence And Collapse Of The Modern Era. He Focused On The Political, Economic And Social Factors As Fundamental Factors In The Emergence And Development Of Civilizations And Their Weakness, Collapse And Fall. The Differences Between The Rulers And The Governed Have Been Raised In The Current Era, And The Concept Of Social Contract As A Means Of Governing The Relationship Between Rulers And Those Governed By Political, Economic And Social Reasons Has Been Lost And Destroyed, And Has Become A Direct Threat To Modern-Day States. The Development Of Islamic Civilization Has Been Based On Spiritual And Human Principles In The First Place, And On The Basis Of Consultation, Justice, Equality, Freedom, Self-Censorship, And Urging Action And Diligence. The Book Draws On A Comparative Analytical Study Among Civilizations, A Road Map For The New Islamic Civilization, And Proposals For Exploring The Contemporary Years Of Civilizations And Their Fall; Taking Lessons And Lessons Learned; The World Today Is In Dire Need Of The Return Of Islamic Civilization By Its Principles, Instructions, Orders And Prohibitions, In View Of Its Role In Inculcating Spiritual And Moral Values ​​In The Soul, In Accordance With The Principles Of Solidarity, Solidarity And Cooperation On Righteousness And Piety.
Number of Pages312
Publication Date18-Mar-2017
PublisherObeikan Publishing