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Heaven's Rogue Soldier : Crime Novel Paperback

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AuthorJoseph Martin
PublisherVIP Ink Publishing Group, Inc. / Printhouse Books
Publication Date30-Jan-16
Book DescriptionAs a kid I loved school. Most times the classes were easy and the tests they gave were even easier due to a high IQ, but like every other kid in the ghetto, that didn't protect me from an abusive home--so I picked up a few vices to keep from going insane. These vices became my world, never realizing the time would eventually come when they would prove to be invaluable and change my life forever. I loved watching the martial artist, "Bruce Lee." His movies were awesome! I often imitated his moves especially when I got into neighborhood scraps. It's crazy when I think back on those times when I fought stronger and much older kids, how I would either win or barely lose by throwing fewer punches than my opponent. I guess this helped me learn the art of close quarter hand to hand combat during my military career as I tried to escape my abusive and unfortunate past as a juvenile delinquent. Looking back, I guess I would've made a few other choices in those days, but I had some of the best experiences of my life regardless! That is, until my first run-in with the law. Jail was also a whole new world. It was a reality check for me. My popularity had to be proven there. Fights were different. Most of the time weapons were used and someone was definitely going to get hurt or killed. It's crazy when you think about it; prison was the catalyst to the events leading up to my life of crime working undercover for the CIA.
Number of Pages240

Heaven's Rogue Soldier : Crime Novel Paperback

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