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If Not 4 U And Some Shoes Paperback

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Author 1Laurie Nenson
Book DescriptionTeenager Francie Lanoo is smitten with two things in life: beautiful shoes and heartthrob Berkeley Mills, who she knows is definitely out of her league. After months of ogling him, she finally gains the confidence to befriend him. And when he, out-of-the-blue, asks what her ideal shoe would look like, she embarks on a quest to find it ... just for him., , , , Low and behold, the stars align and Francie unexpectedly begins dating Berkeley. When he encourages her to accept an opportunity to study for a year in Italy, she ignores her gut instinct and agrees to it, reluctantly saying goodbye to both the love of her life and the only world she's ever known. After growing accustomed to her newfound life, Francie decides to attend college in New York, where she continues to refine the characteristics of her ongoing shoe hunt. And though Berkeley has chosen to attend college on the opposite side of the continent, Francie remains forever hopeful that their relationship will one day resume. But when sudden tragedy strikes, Francie plunges into a tailspin and abandons all pursuits of happiness. As time passes, she begins to realize that her chase for the perfect shoe was about something far more meaningful than footwear. Now only one question remains: is it too late to claim the coveted prize?, , , , If Not 4 U and Some Shoes is a quirky coming-of-age tale expressed through the eyes of a shoe fanatic as she attempts to find herself-and true love.