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AuthorAndrew S Montgomery
PublisherIntrepid-One Publishing
Book DescriptionWar, famine, disease, murder and mayhem dominate the news headlines every day. As it is his job to report this dire news, Holden Williams has largely become desensitized to it. That is until he is asked to cover a story on a small religious commune in Killian, California. There is a great deal of public interest about religious cults in the country after the murder-suicide of more than 180 men, women and children in a compound near Hot Springs, Arkansas. What Holden finds up in Killian is initially ordinary and mundane. Then Holden's world turns upside down as he discovers who and maybe what is on the small farm. Is the world on the brink of an era of a new and enduring peace and a sustainable supply of energy or is it speeding perilously toward catastrophe and apocalypse? Holden is a witness to extraordinary events that cause him to reevaluate his own life and beliefs and wonder who and what is the mysterious Killian's Messiah.
Number of Pages356