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Middle School Math Cource 3 Paperback

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Author 1Holt Rinehart
Author 2Winston
Editorial ReviewAssessment in Standardized Test Prep Workbook Diagnostic Test Diagnostic Test The Diagnostic Test is a multiple choice test that covers objectives found on most standardized tests. This test, on pages 1-24 of the Test Prep Workbook, can be used to measure student achievement before instruction. Each test item is correlated to a lesson in the student textbook where this content is taught. Results of this test can be used to create individual remediation plans. The sample of test items is large enough that careless errors do not mask students' knowledge. The performance observed on a specific test item is indicative of how the student will perform on a test with similar test items, Test Taking Strategies There are strategies for taking standardized tests given for every These strategies include working backwards, finding patterns, knowing how tests are scored, eliminating answers to multiple choice problems, knowing how to grid in answers, and drawing diagrams. Chapter Standardized Tests There is a two-page test for every chapter Each test is comprised ofmultiple choice, gridded response, short response, and extended response questions. The questions cover the content of the chapter. There are answer sheets for each test. Practice Tests There are practice standardized tests- These tests cover the same objectives and test items are the same level of difficulty. Each test is comprised of multiple choice. gridded response, short response questions. There are answer sheets for both tests.
Publication Date37987
PublisherHolt McDougal