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Nightmares in Analog: Three Supernatural Tales Paperback

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AuthorJonathan Chateau
PublisherHalf Wing Press
Publication Date15-Feb-16
Book DescriptionVideo is Dead , , The fading memories Jacob has of his deceased mother are buried on a few VHS home movies. Recently haunted by recurring dreams of her, he sets out to pick up a used VCR and finds one at a local yard sale. , , However, this is no ordinary VCR. According to the owner, this particular model not only plays movies, but it allows one to communicate with the dead. , , Fueled by curiosity, Jacob takes it home and soon discovers that what he possesses opens a doorway to darkness, death, and lust. , , Energy Drink , , Miller is frustrated. , , Hours at the gym and nothing to show for it. But once a coworker introduces him to RECRÜT, a sports energy drink that guarantees results, the gains come quick. , , It isn't long before Miller attains the godlike physique he's always wanted. Unfortunately, these twelve little ounces come with a side effect - a high price he never expected to pay. , , And the more RECRÜT he drinks, the more his world begins to unravel, uncovering a sinister side of himself he never knew existed. , , The Saltwater Marathon , , For the past six months, Bryan Combs has been consumed with guilt. He cheated on his wife, Sirena, and fell for the seductive charms of his boss, Carmela. , , The adultery proved too great for Sirena to handle, so she hopped in her car and drove it into the ocean. Her body was never recovered. , , While the fling may have ended, the remorse remains, and now Bryan buries himself at work, opting for late night shifts at the mall, often drinking himself to sleep in the back office of his once beloved job., , But everything changes the morning they show up... , , Strangers at his office door... screaming, pleading and begging him to open the door because they're being pursued and desperately need somewhere to hide. , , As he awakens from his drunken stupor, he begins to wonder if this some sick joke put on by Carmela? Retribution against him for ending their torrid affair? , , Bryan wouldn't be sure until he let these strangers inside. , , However once he does, he soon witnesses for himself what has these people so afraid, so panicked, that he finds it impossible to stay caught in his spiral of self-loathing.
Editorial Review"Wow. What a series of stories this book contains. Finished all three of them in just one day. Incredible writing. All three of the stories in this book have endings that will completely shock you..." - Lacey "The endings of the three stories are different from each other and from what you normally expect from that kind of book. More mature than the classic, shocking ones you can find in so many short horror stories from past and present. It was refreshing and good..." - Anya "If I had to compare this to anything I have read before, I would have to say early Stephen King short stories. They have the same twisted endings that really make you think and of course want more. I cannot recommend this collection highly enough..." - Suzy S
Number of Pages232