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AuthorMelinda Byrde
PublisherMindy Gullen
Publication Date07-Nov-16
Book DescriptionWhile visiting her mother at the hospital, Molly gets drawn into solving the decades-old murder of Cathy Locke, found dead in her home on the night of a wild neighborhood party. She was thirteen. Molly is "recruited" by her mom's hospital roommate Lucinda. She is Cathy's mother and although she suffers from a mysterious, possibly terminal illness, her spirit is strong and through cryptic clues and a strange lullaby, she persuades Molly to find answers. , , , , , , , , But Molly has her own issues to deal with in the small town of Hickok, and has few resources available to her... that is until an incident with a shopping cart provides her with an unexpected intro to an enigmatic Scotsman by the name of Quinn. He is a highly successful, well-connected oilman, but keeps that information to himself when confronted with sparkling green eyes, curly brown hair, and an infectious, ribald sense of humor., , , , , , , , One place in town that Molly can be sure to find a reality check is Strange Brew. Lissy, the owner, is a purveyor of fine "designer" coffees, specializing in lattes and mochas for every occasion. A no-nonsense, shoot from the hip, snarky barista, Molly relies on her to speak the truth, keep her honest, and feed her breakfast., , , , , , , , And then there's Eric Lentz, the former cop, who is tough, terse, tenacious and in love with Lucinda Locke. Not that anyone knows it, of course... not even Lucinda. A missed opportunity so long ago, but he's never stopped trying to solve Cathy's murder., , , , , , , , So the good guys delve into the riddle, ask questions, and poke around. This makes someone very nervous and things begin to spin out of control. The only way to stop the killer is to unravel the mysterious cold case and time is running out... maybe permanently.
Number of Pages332