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Not Black And White : From The Very Windy City To 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Hardcover

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AuthorG A Beller
PublisherG. Anton Publishing/Chicago
Publication Date06-Oct-15
Book DescriptionChicago-style politics is front and center. When a sitting president has his roots in this sullied political heritage, it makes for news and leads to speculation. NOT BLACK AND WHITE is a fictional account of many of the events that led to the meteoric rise of a local charismatic street politician to become America's first African-American President, and the downfall and imprisonment of two consecutive governors of the State of Illinois, along with several of their most trusted advisors and cohorts. This story puts the reader inside the campaign offices and smoke-filled back rooms where political deals are made. It depicts the rise and fall of a Syrian immigrant who made millions by pretending he had billions, while charming his way into the highest halls of wealth and power. The perspective of a local attorney/businessman who found himself in a front row seat to politics-as-usual in The City That Works is reflected throughout the story. The cast of characters may appear familiar to anyone who ever read a headline or watched cable news and talk shows across the country. In 1994, a freak traffic accident occurred, killing a family of six young children when their van burst into flames after being struck by a semi-trailer truck driven by a man unqualified to drive such a vehicle. The truck driver, a victim himself, had bribed an employee of the Illinois secretary of state's office in order to procure his commercial driver's license. The tragic accident and resulting exposÉ of corruption and scandal that followed changed forever the course of American History. Inspired by true events, NOT BLACK AND WHITE leaves it to the reader to interpret fact from fiction.
Editorial ReviewThis book is the 'Primary Colors' of the Obama administration - a gripping, fictionalized version of the corruption and politically-charged backroom deals that propelled a little-known state politician to the White House. With its riveting writing and unforgettable characters, NOT BLACK AND WHITE tops the list of political thrillers. -- Lori Andrews, Law Professor and Author of the Alex Blake Mystery Series "Some of the people and dialogue may be fictitious, but the corruption known as the Chicago Way is all too real. This novel provides an inside look on how the deals are made and the laws are broken. It is a must read for anyone who cares about politics and government." -- Dick Simpson, UIC Professor and Co-Author of Corrupt Illinois "From the vantage point of a witness to the peculiarities of Chicago and Illinois politics spanning five decades, NOT BLACK AND WHITE, at first glance, could be dismissed as too unlikely to be plausible . . . until it quickly becomes apparent that this entertaining blend of fact and fiction, populated by greedy, power-driven scoundrels, mirrors recent history in many ways." -- Jack Guthman, Partner Emeritus - Taft Stettinius & Hollister, LLP
Number of Pages408