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AuthorVincent J Sachar
PublisherDivont Publishers
Book DescriptionNo matter what name he hides under, kent taylor will never be able to escape his true identity and his dark past. In fact, he believes that there is nowhere on earth where he can ever be completely free. A local murder and mystery spins out of control and leads directly into a trail of international intrigue and terror. And kent taylor soon finds himself centered in its sights. Taylor is united with retired legendary fbi special agent bill gladding and former fbi agents jonas and sally blair in an action-packed thriller that has them battling against a rogue group intent on drawing the u.S. Into a foreign war. As the story unfolds, taylor and the others struggle greatly in knowing just who can be trusted. Katie is deeply concerned as she watches her husband, kent, in reliance upon his training and experience as a former navy seal, strive to assure that she and the others will somehow survive this ordeal. The stakes are higher than ever as kent faces his greatest personal challenges. Through it all, taylor must battle against the darkness of his past in the hope that he will not end up lost in a world that he vowed never to return to again. With twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat, "nowhere on earth" will have you turning the pages all the way through to its surprising and touching conclusion. Kent taylor-call him by any other name and the result is the same. Somehow, he will be challenged to save not only his own life, but also the lives of others he loves.
Number of Pages336