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النفط القادم Paperback 1st Edition

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Author 1Abdul Aziz Bin Taleb
Book DescriptionWith the increasing interest in the subject of oil, and talk about its future and alternatives, this book comes to emphasize that knowledge is permanent oil, which is inexhaustible, and that man is a maker of change and innovation, and that investment in education and training leads to the construction of a sustainable production base, Strong competitive, depends on real production, creativity and technique. The book deals with the role of knowledge in achieving economic growth, reviewing the experiences of some countries that have reversed their situation from underdevelopment and progress behind the lead to the forefront, and dependence on others in the small and large of the tools of production and the necessities of living to produce confident and satisfied in many requirements of life and requirements 50 Seller Back to Back - SB2B 3 days 25 N19133707A books 9786030268948 9786030268948 Al-Mafiqah In The Interpretation Of The Book Of The Lord Of The Wilderness Mohammed Bin Saleh Bin Abdullah Al-Shawi Religion & Spirituality Religious Hardcover Arabic Obeikan Library 10-Jul-1905 604 50 Seller Back to Back - SB2B 3 days 22 N19133708A books 9786030271207 9786030271207 Management - Disaster And Crisis Planning Dr.. Saleh Bin Hamad Al-Tuwaijri Science & Nature Environment & Ecology/Natural Disasters Paperback Arabic Obeikan Library 10-Jul-1905 God Almighty has made disaster and its devastating effects a lesson and a reminder to man. Disasters have been an important part of man's march and lifestyles throughout the ages and have been instrumental in shaping human societies in most parts of the world. The causes of failure to deal with them, and reduce their destructive effects. The history of disasters is as old as the presence of human beings, such as earthquakes, volcanoes and hurricanes, such as earthquakes, volcanoes and cyclones, such as disease, desertification and floods. The severity of disasters varies depending on their intensity and duration. Earthquakes, volcanoes and hurricanes are usually acute and ephemeral, while diseases and desertification leading to famine, as well as armed conflicts are slow to disappear, so wide in their vicinity that some societies have introduced some of these disasters in the history of Razmana, Famine. And smallpox age. As well as the wars, and throughout the history of human civilization treat man with disasters according to available capabilities, and knowledge available at the time, to reduce the effects and consequences. 407 50 Seller Back to Back - SB2B 3 days 50 N19133709A books 9786030271528 9786030271528 Integrated Government I.Gov Prof. Fahd Bin Nasser Al Aboud Society, Politics & Philosophy Government & Politics/Economics Paperback Arabic Obeikan Library 30-Aug-2018 This book deals with one of the most important topics of informatics, which is the subject of integrated government The author has reviewed the experiences of some European and American countries planning and implementation in this area This is the first book of its kind in the subject in Arabic. The author pointed to the historical development witnessed by e-government in different stages and advanced, and touched on the application and the requirements of each stage and factors of success and obstacles to implementation. The author has tried to add new and successive developments in this field, and enrich the Arabic library with important and useful information in the field of the most important fields of knowledge. God grants success."
Edition Number1st Edition
Number of Pages194
Publication Date10-Jul-1905
PublisherObeikan Library

النفط القادم Paperback 1st Edition

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