Shop إصدارات موهبة : التفكير الناقد والتفكير الإبداعي دليل مختصر للمعلمين Paperback online in Riyadh, Jeddah and all KSA

إصدارات موهبة : التفكير الناقد والتفكير الإبداعي دليل مختصر للمعلمين Paperback

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    Author 1Robert Dianne
    Book DescriptionCritical and creative thinkers are widely seen as separate poles, and many believe that the serious reflections of the critical thinker and imaginative journeys of the creative mind are completely opposite, while they actually go hand in hand, both of which evoke innovation and portray road maps that can change the world The book at your fingertips introduces these two cognitive patterns that are integrated together and shows how to develop the ability to think in critical and creative ways. Each chapter reveals a variety of necessary cognitive tools and methods that one can employ to balance and harmonize critical thinking with creative thinking. 315 50 Seller Back to Back - SB2B 3 days 57 N19133728A books 9786035039475 9786035039475 Education For Innovation And Independent Learning Ronaldo Mota Education Studies & Teaching School Education & Teaching/Outdoor Learning Paperback Arabic Obeikan Library 1-Jan-2017 David Scott This book explains how people know a world where innovation is central and connected to digital technologies And addresses the educational methodologies compatible with this full scene, pointing to the economic and social development in which innovation is a central strategy to meet the new educational requirements In this book, Ronaldo Mota and David Scott explore the links between the three important contemporary themes: Learning, technology and innovation, citing England and Brazil in this regard It also aims at undergraduate and graduate courses in teaching methods and technical sciences In addition to specialists in general who want to know more about the educational methods and their relationship to science and technology and pilot projects. "
    Number of Pages224
    Publication Date9-Jul-1905
    PublisherObeikan Library

    إصدارات موهبة : التفكير الناقد والتفكير الإبداعي دليل مختصر للمعلمين Paperback

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