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Author 1Nour Al-Din Mokhtar Al-Khadmi
Book DescriptionWe Have Lived In An Era In Which Science Has Advanced And Technology Has Advanced To Encompass All Aspects Of Human Life. Consequently, Issues Of Human Interest Have Arisen In Both Physical And Spiritual Life; Hence The Urgent Need For A Legitimate Science To Show People The Purposes Of The Law In Their Lives. The Book That We Offer To The Distinguished Readers Meets The Needs Of The Scholars Especially, And Is Indispensable To The Muslim Reader In General, Because Of The Great Interest In His Door. And The Obeikan Library, Which Has Always Published Everything That Concerns The Reader In The Affairs Of His Life To Be Happy To Publish This Important Book; To Be A Legitimate Version Of The Reader Of The Holy Quran, And This Work To Pray From God And Hoped To Benefit Everyone.
PublisherObeikan Publishing

علم المقاصد الشرعية Paperback

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