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غيرة الزوجات : إضاءات وممارسات واقعية Paperback

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    Author 1Sabri Bin Salama Shaheen
    Book DescriptionThere is no doubt that married life rises in the ladder of happiness with the affection and compassion that our Lord referred to, saying:" And from His Signs, that He created for you wives from among yourselves, to dwell in them, and to make between you affection and mercy. " And jealousy when it is a healthy phenomenon, and express the feelings of glowing, increase the whims of friendliness, and the flow of the waterfall, so that the wife can enjoy the Blbllha, to encircle her, and make her life a paradise: affection and mercy, Vtvz from her husband Bmsamh compassion, And in the shadow of which is the ringing of its glittering tones, and it is in an overwhelming joy and glittering happiness. But if jealousy is overwhelmed, and increased by the amount and amount, it turns into a curse, and become a solution to the demolition of her home and marital life. The jealousy expressed by love, longing, attention and care, without being controlled and controlled by, is a jealous jealousy, as long as it does not exceed its limits, it turns a nightmare on the breath of her husband, preparing his movements, and chasing him in his calls, and search behind each gesture, This jealousy turns into a lethal bullet, which is about to destroy her life. This jealousy, which declares the world to her husband, runs the wheel of his life, controls his words, takes his looks, and watches his actions.
    Number of Pages116
    Publication Date10-Jul-1905
    PublisherObeikan Publishing

    غيرة الزوجات : إضاءات وممارسات واقعية Paperback

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