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Sentinels Of The Night : A Tracker Novel Hardcover

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AuthorAnita Dickason
PublisherMystic Circle Books
Publication Date01-Mar-17
Book DescriptionMessengers of death, they ride the night wind and hear the cries of the dead. Can they stop a serial killer?, , After a brush with death in a deadly shootout with a killer who rode the rails hunting his next victim, FBI Agent Cat Morgan is enjoying the drive from Texas to her new assignment in Washington, D.C. That is--until she finds a woman's body with a strange symbol carved on the forehead during an unforeseen stop in Clinton, Mississippi, and the gruesome discovery triggers a confrontation with the local police chief, Kevin Hunter., , Cat always disguised her eerie ability to find murdered victims behind a shroud of innuendoes and half-truths. This time, the head cop wasn't buying her ambiguous answers., , Despite his instant attraction to the sexy agent, Hunter's aversion to federal agents and his blatant disbelief in her vague explanations are sufficient reasons to kick her out of the investigation and out of his town., , When another body with the same odd symbol is found, Cat heads back to Clinton determined to overcome Hunter's distrust. To stop the killer, she is forced into an impossible impasse that will turn deadly when the killer fixates on her for his perfect sacrifice., , Cat's arcane secrets may not be enough to save her life a second time.
Editorial Review2017 Literary Titan Gold Book Award 20 Reviews: Rating 4.75: Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Amazon US & UK "Plot is taut and unrolls beautifully, and her Trackers team looks like a win-win for anyone who enjoys FBI profiler crime fiction. A compelling debut novel, and it's most highly recommended." Five Stars: Readers' Favorite Review "A riveting high stake read which cleverly fuses a police procedural with the allure of paranormal fiction. An intriguing plot which quickly picks up momentum and maintains it throughout. What ultimately distinguishes her debut is her ability to avoid cliché whilst providing us with compelling and engaging characters." Book Viral Review "Contains crime drama, serial killers, hot police men, a love story, Native American mysticism, ghosts, and more--really what more could you want in a book? Looking forward to Trackers #2." Review by MD "A nice mash up of horror, fantasy and crime/mystery with a strong plot that kept me teetering on the edge and unwilling to put it down. One of the best dark detective novels I have read in a long time." Review by MLH "It started with a bang and kept the momentum and intrigue going to the very end." Review by Chloe
Number of Pages344