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Son Of Influence: A Novel Paperback

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AuthorErik Lewin
PublisherJeffrey Park Press
Publication Date15-Feb-18
Book DescriptionA larger-than-life father with underworld ties. An obedient son. Law school may test the limits of his loyalty..., , Delton Lowe never wanted to step foot inside a courtroom, much less try a case. But none of that mattered after his kingpin father decided the family business needed a new attorney. And unlike Delton, Larry Lowe always gets what he wants..., , Delton's courses and callous professors are nearly too much for him to bear. But with a scheming, pill-popping fellow student and a gorgeous publicist by his side, Delton wonders if he could find a way to love being a lawyer. When he witnesses a dirty deal and traces the corruption back to his father, his morals once again throw a wrench into his career path..., , Son of Influence is a coming-of-age tale with a heartfelt view on finding one's path in life. Can Delton step outside his father's shadow and become his own man? , , Start reading this witty legal novel and find out!
Number of Pages276