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Author 1Marsha Hinton
Book DescriptionKara Dyer returns from Afghanistan a decorated war hero, but as a wounded Vet she struggles to find her place at home. Fighting a different battle against constant pain from her wounds and PTSD would be enough for anyone to deal with. Kara is just beginning to think she might fit in when her grandfather goes and confesses to a murder. Now, on top of everything else, Kara must find the real killer. Souvenirs is a mystery set in the fictional town of Monroe, Indiana. The town of Monroe grew up around Wea Lake that took the name of a local Indian tribe. The Dyer's are descended from the Wea Indians and continue to protect the lake. After Kara returns home scarred by burns and shrapnel wounds, she doesn't feel a connection to the community she grew up in. A developer comes to town and approaches Kara's grandfather. The result is a heated and highly public argument. The developer is found murdered, and the gossip flies around town. However, when the police discover that the murder weapon is a rare gun from the Korean War, the suspicion falls on Kara's grandfather. The police come to get the souvenir gun that is on display at the Dyer house and Kara's grandfather confesses to the murder. Kara's infamous temper takes over and she starts looking for the real killer.
PublisherMarsha Hinton LLC