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Author 1Anthony Kocur
Book DescriptionEver since The Authors imprisoned Father Notion in the Moon, the task of completing the unwritten novel "Tetragrammar" has fallen to the writer known as Seven. But recording this elusive book has proven far more difficult than Seven imagined. Being tortured with an existential writer's block, Seven must also deal with older, primordial forces, something absurd and circle-shaped eating away at his sanity. After a rejected proposal and the wrath of his muse, Fable, Seven discovers the dangers of a writer's drive for perfection. While The Authors and Their Dynasties plot against him, Seven will understand some stories must never go unwritten, that "Tetragrammar" is his last chance at knotting the plot holes in his life. But what will its completion ultimately mean? As Seven faces adversaries such as rubber devils and bag-headed saints, "Tetragrammar" becomes a surreal exploration on the nature of inspiration, writing, and the dangers of creating art. Ultimately, Seven must rise from the pages of his own fiction, but will his journey usher in an age of enlightenment or an eternity of madness? Can he uncover a truth more real on the Outer Page?