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AuthorGerard Hanse
PublisherLa Maison Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date05-Mar-15
Book DescriptionTyler Chapman was in Paradise, fly fishing in a North Carolina mountain stream. He had no idea that he was about to become the first victim of a terrifying deadly virus. Gerard Hansen, author of Neogenesis, weaves a dramatic tale of a mysterious epidemic, and a team of workaholic scientists trying to stop it. Megan Selby from the CDC tries to balance team leadership, parenting twin toddlers, and a husband in Africa on a humanitarian mission. Jamal Winston, a young neurologist, is forced to step up and confront the monster disease. Jack Dahlkemper, former college linebacker turned scientist questions whether the source of the disease is demonic. A young intrepid reporter, Nick Polakov, is trying to expose a massive international stock fraud scheme. Undercover agent Sandi Meyerson has been assigned to secretly protect him from a vague, but deadly, assassination plot. Predictably, professionalism and romance collide, endangering both of them. Both teams converge to discover a secret cabal of wealthy and powerful men whose ultimate goal is global domination.
Number of Pages176