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Country of OriginUnited States of America (USA)
AuthorCynthia Henry
Publication Date30-Nov-05
Book DescriptionEnigmatic Frank Rhenqert's dreams are filled with breaking away from the tedious life of his parents' modest Upstate New York bakery and finding success as a rock and roll drummer. But Frank's plans are suddenly derailed by his unexpected love for good girl MaryJo Wyatt. Follow Frank and MaryJo on an intimate journey sweeping years as they encounter what truly takes place behind the allure of fame and the sacrifices that accompany it. "THE BAKER'S BOY" marks the first of three novels spanning decades from Frank's humble beginning, to the rise of rock superstardom and beyond. "The reader quickly and eagerly becomes part of "THE BAKER'S BOY "with the vivid characterizations and dialogue.~~~~Henry's third publication, though many years of research have gone into the crafting of this first trilogy volume. ~~400~~~~~~~~~~ N25611773A~~Out into the world goes the narrator from "Save Me From Tomorrow," who at different times calls himself Sal, Nick or Jake, names of his favorite characters in American fiction. He goes out in search of adventure and experiences like those of his literary heroes, Kerouac, Fitzgerald and Hemingway. At age twenty-three he gives up his unexceptional job in Manhattan and plans to explore the highways and byways of America. Then a chance meeting with an old friend and the appearance of a beautiful and intriguing girl named Val cause him to alter his plans and shift locations to London.~~~~Richard A. Capogrosso is a graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. He lives in New England. Save Me From Tomorrow is his first novel.~~384~~~~~~~~~~ N25611774A~~During the bloody Albigensian Crusade of 1209 against the Cathars in the south of modern-day France, Jean of Beziers becomes an orphan. While hiding in the shadows of the hearth of a ruined home, he watches as the knights murder his parents. The scars from that experience stay with him for years to come, disturbing his sleep with dreadful nightmares, from Languedoc to Egypt and eventually to the Holy Land. An innocent but observant boy of twelve, Jean is just beginning to question the strange tenets of his persecuted Christian sect, Catharism. He becomes increasingly unable to relate his experiences to the restrictive fundamentalism of his faith or to the materialism of mainstream Catholicism.~~~~Alan Mussell taught in seven countries for over twenty-eight years. He is an avid student of history and has traveled widely, including France and the Middle East where he did extensive research for this work. He lives with his wife in Oro Valley, Arizona.~~380~~~~~~~~~~ N25611775A~~Stephen Siciliano's "Sidewalk Smokers" are a melange of semi-employed rakes and rakettes occupying the ranks of a maligned subculture. Driven outdoors by the most selective kind of lawmaking, they find their resistance to the increased regulation of American life symptomatic of a deeper sense of threatened homogenization. What's different about "The Sidewalk Smokers Club"'s battle for individual sanctity is how it is carried on within the confines of a collective effort. Lethargic sensualists, craven in their drive for publicity, the group's saving grace is that they are uncommonly kind to one another. Do we really know people like this? Probably not, which may, in the end, be what Mr. Siciliano is after.~~~~Stephen Siciliano is a writer living Los Angeles, California. Vedette is a prior Novel ~~360~~~~~~~~~~ N25611776A~~"Learn Tamil in Thirty Days" "One Hundred and One ways of Getting Married" "The Book of Indian Cookery" Who would submit bills of these titles against a grant meant for big, fat, jargon-filled books on Software Technology? But, then, Vikram Gupta is no run of the mill Software Professional. Fresh out of college, highly qualified, in great shape and intelligent, he is employed by ACS, the biggest name in the Indian Software World. He is the archetypical image of a young man with a glorious future ahead of him. Yet, he has his problems. He loathes his job, abhors everything about Chennai and hates the guts of his reporting boss.~~~~Arunabha Sengupta (born 1973) is an Indian novelist. He has written 4 novels and one collection of short stories. He is also a cricket historian and the Chief, Cricket and Writer.~~363~~~~~~~~~~ N25611777A~~"Alert for danger, Laura Roth stands at the door of her sod house, anxiously watching a lone rider cantering toward her across the prairie. Dismounting, he removes his hat and bows slightly. His eyes-in striking contrast to his dark skin, black hair and beard-are an intense blue. He returns her gaze honestly. She sees nothing to fear. As she dips a cup of water from the barrel by the door and offers it to the weary traveler, Laura never dreams that she and this man would share a mutual secret to the grave." Thus begins the saga of John and Laura Roth and their descendents; their hopes and dreams, trials and tribulations through 110 years on the sweeping Kansas plains.~~~~She wrote her first poem before I started to school and have been writing ever since. She have published short stories, articles, essays and poems in newspapers and magazines nationwide. Although Fragile Hopes, Transient Dreams is the first book she published, she published several others in varying degrees of completion and hope to have another ready to go to press in the near future. ~~369~~~~~~~~~~ N25611778A~~The huge, man-made Rolling River Lake is a popular haven for sailors and lovers alike. But before the lake was filled in 1961, a deadly secret was buried underground at its deepest point-and the secret is about to explode. Each weekend, a group or margarita-drinking sailors gather at the lake for fun in the sun, romance, boat races, and skinny-dipping. On the weekend of the annual Irish Pub sailboat race, everyone is ready for a party. What starts as a magical, romantic getaway of New York advertising executive Taylor Freeman and her new love-sailboat captain Roger Ash-turns deadly when one of the boaters is found murdered at the helm of his own vessel. The sailors soon learn their friend's mysterious death isn't the first at Rolling River Lake.~~~~Dave Cochran is an avid sailor and liveson his boat near Corpus Christi, Texason the Gulf Coast. He's also a weatheranchor at a local TV station.~~384~~~~~~~~~~ N25611779A~~The Blackbird. Some said it was a living legend; others, a myth. To Captain Jason Kent and his love Deany Summers, it was their only hope. When their homeland of California, one of five city-states established after the Great War, is threatened by General Salvador Drone, ruler of the savage Empire of Dodum, Jason, Deany, and five fellow soldiers set off on a mission to meet that memory of the misty past promising release to their war-weary civilization. If they succeed, they will restore peace to their home. But if they fail, then they and all that they love will be enslaved under Drone's vicious tyranny. Jason and his platoon know the dangers that await them.~~~~John Fischer is a Christian author, singer, songwriter, and speaker. He is one of the credited founders of Jesus music and was a Senior Writer with N25611780A~~The Crestfallen Rose merges the journey of a child born blind with that of two women whose lives are devastated in pre World War II Germany, into an exciting tale of love and death. Samantha Talbot is born blind. Her mother Ally, searches for the cause. She finds a mysterious link to a pesticide, and Worldwide Chemical. No lawyer will touch her case, until a former District Attorney, David King, agrees to fight for she and Sam. Decades before Samantha's birth Amalia Hecht and her uncle Karl perfect a miracle pesticide that is sought by the Gestapo. They pass it secretly to an American agent. Hunted by the police they flee Germany.~~~~Michael D. Martin, a former district attorney, has litigated many trials involving dangerous products. He earned an English degree from the University of the South, Sewanee, and a law degree from the University of Florida. Martin lives in Lakeland, Florida, with his wife, Joy, and their two daughters.~~396~~~~~~~~~~ N25611781A~~Three small town friends descend upon and confront life at a large university. Yet as their warped minds push against the city beyond, the barrier gives in ways neither they nor the fantastic cast of characters they encounter could foretell in a thousand years. A thousand years, or a thousand madcap experiments, but when three bachelors meet "One Hundred Virgins" the results combust in a witty, introspective look at the modern twentysomething experience.~~~~Jason McGathey's work has appeared in numerous publications since he began writing full time in 2000. He is also the author of the novel Night Driving and currently meanders across much of the east coast~~380~~~~~~~~~~ N25611782A~~When a commercial airliner goes down in the mountains west of Washington D.C., Kevin Jensen, a ten year veteran of the NTSB is called in to investigate. The flight manifest reveals the names of the Secretary of Defense and another prominent Senator. Jensen also discovers his best friend was the pilot of the doomed plane. When the press interviews a witness who claims a missile brought down the plane, Jensen receives a visit from the CIA. National Airlines has a history of mechanical infractions and soon Bill Harcourt, a west coast personal injury attorney, comes forward with a class action suit against National. Jensen faced with a national media frenzy and having to deal with the CIA, realizes someone does not want the truth out in the open.~~~~Glenn Clinger has been writing since 1992. The author of several screenplays and television scripts, he turned his attention to books in 2002.Clinger holds a degree in aviation management from Florida Institute of Technology. He currently resides in South Carolina with his wife Alicia. ~~384~~~~~~~~~~ N25611783A~~Here is Joseph Cowley at his best: "Once More With Feeling" the touching story of an old man seeking a lost love after his wife dies; "The Chrysanthemum Garden" a sensitive and moving novel about finding love later in life; "Another Great Day" a novella about a man on a "lost weekend" at the moment his life is coming unraveled; "He Says, She Says" the story of an unemployed writer and beautiful married woman who meet in Alcoholics Anonymous and fall in love, and the lesson it teaches them; and "The Stargazers," a wonderful play about the conflict between the astronomers, Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler, as they struggled to find the secret of the solar system.~~~~Joseph Cowley, author of novels, plays, short stories, and The Executive Strategist, An Armchair Guide to Scientific Decision-Making, graduated with honors from Columbia in 1947, earned his MA in 1948, and taught English at Cornell before joining the Research Institute of America as editor/managing editor. He retired in 1982 to write fiction.~~380~~~~~~~~~~ N25611784A~~"Landmark Status" careens madly through a subtropical tangle of legal action, spirits, spells, kung fu, car wrecks, football, phobias, fetishes, wooden flutes, pet rabbits and vintage aircraft, while the fate of Miami's famed Century Club hangs in the balance. Once a notorious nightspot, the Club just awoke from decades of slumbering decay--thanks to a local building boom. Now everybody's scrambling to bury it under a fabulous high-rise. Lawyer Benjy Bluestone couldn't care less, but a client owns the Club and seeks his help. It gets easier to say yes when he learns that beautiful broker Delia Torres is involved, even though she represents a developer who's furious to find the Club's been optioned to a rival.~~~~Alan H. Rolnick grew up in a sleepy river town playing baseball and Beatles songs, wishing he lived someplace different. Twenty years of law practice in Miami, whose heart-stopping beauty and self-absorbed chaos challenged him daily to figure out where on earth he was, left no doubt he?d gotten his wish.~~400~~~~~~~~~~ N25611785A~~Despite his growing distance from God, twenty-seven-year-old David Forester pastors a thriving church. But his sexual frustration leads him to pursue his church's teenage organist and escalates to sexual excesses with parishioner Ruth Dubois. After his wife exhibits a sudden interest in sex, Reverend Forester tries to end his extramarital liaisons, but Ruth plans to destroy his marriage in order to maintain her hold over him. She then murders a mob boss and steals a fortune to fund the preacher's career in evangelism.~~~~Kenneth B. Frank has background experience in radio, ministry, law enforcement, and family law. Helives in Southern California with his wife. Frank?s first novel, The Sojourner, was published in 2006.~~388~~~~~~~~~~ N25611786A~~In the humorous novel DOMs Need Love Too!, a Yale psychology professor encounters a small group of healthy, vigorous, flag-loving seniors at a racquetball and health club and secretly decides to create a case study out of the merry makers, better known as the Day Old Muffins. Middle-aged Eve is obligated to submit an academic paper titled Men Without Partners to the University at the conclusion of the school year. When she witnesses the senior comrades hitting on a young, pretty maiden with an array of grandiose promises, she is both dismayed and intrigued by their sophomoric behavior.~~~~Alan D. Moore is a data analyst and software developer who has been solving problems with Python since 2006. He's developed both open source and private code using frameworks like Django, Flask, Qt, and, of course, Tkinter, and contributes to various open source Python and Javascript projects. Alan maintains a blog by the name alandmoore, where he writes mainly about Python, Linux, free software, and his home studio recordings. Alan lives in Franklin, Tennessee, where he works for the county government, and with his wife, Cara, raises a crew of children who are just as geeky as their dad.~~380~~~~~~~~~~ N25611787A~~"Canada, 1951." An American B36 bomber with a live nuclear weapon on board crashes on a remote Canadian island. Jack Harper, an ex-Canadian Air Force serviceman, is recruited for a secret mission to recover the bomber's crew. He joins a Special Forces team led by Captain Groves to a mountain glacier on Parchment Island. But things turn terribly wrong when Jack realizes he has been deceived-this is no rescue mission. Captain Groves mistakes the bomber's crewmembers for Russians wanting to find the bomb. Losing all sense of reason, Groves decides to detonate the bomb to ensure it does not fall into the wrong hands.~~~~David Loney has long been fascinated by Cold War history. He writes from his home on Vancouver Island and lives with his wife, Mary, in Port Hardy, British Columbia.~~380~~~~~~~~~~ N25611788A~~Continuing the story where "Joel: Escape from Abuse" ended; several months have passed since Crane Johnson adopted five abused boys. They have settled into a somewhat normal family, if you can call a thirty year-old bachelor raising five active boys, ages 6 to 13, as normal. Aserious, life-threatening illness strikes Joel. Crane strives to maintain the family unit, care for his sick son and run the consulting business he owns in San Antonio. The family has to temporarily relocate to Houston while Joel is in the hospital. The glue that holds the family together is their housekeeper and surrogate grandmother for the boys, Hildy. Along the way, other children in need cross the family's path and are helped to a better life.~~~~Ted Louis was born to tenant farmers in the early 1940s. He holdsseveral degrees from a mid-western university. Retired from a careerin the computing industry, he resides in Canyon Lane, Texas. Golfingand his volunteer work with foster children as a Court AppointedSpecial Advocate occupy his time.~~388~~~~~~~~~~ N25611789A~~Mark Flynn may be the toughest secret agent in the business. Provided, of course, that he actually is a secret agent. "As a 'Stray Cat, '" Flynn tells the reader, "I'm one of the most covert agents working for the U.S. government. If I'm captured or killed, no government official would ever acknowledge my actions. And even if they did, whose actions are easier to disavow than those of someone with my history of mental illness?" In You'll Do Anything, Flynn takes on a mission that forces him to redefine his fragile sense of reality and how he fits into it. ~~~~Michael Ruscoe is an author, journalist, and teacher. He lives in Stratford, Connecticut with his wife, two children, and fond memories of his beloved cats.~~384~~~~~~~~~~ N25611790A~~Chantal, an alluring Parisienne, falls in love with Alexander. Her life is turned upside down when Alexander is framed for murder. Guy, an officer of the French Legion, persuades her to provide services in Algiers in return for his help. She soon discovers that she was tricked into working for the Secret Army opposing the Algerian independence. Her attempts to leave this inferno tailspin into an inescapable web of deception. Chantal hides near the Casbah, disguised as a Muslim woman, desperately trying to return to Paris. She makes it as far as Marseille and finds that she is still in the grip of intrigue.~~~~Vera Beaumont holds a doctorate in psychology and studied fine arts in her native Europe and the United States. She has traveled around the world and currently resides in Florida. ~~376~~~~~~~~~~ N25611791A~~How far would you go to change your life? Eric "Chance" West hates being poor and often ponders his future as a young black man in America. He decides that joining the U.S. Army, rather than going to college, is his way out of the vicious cycle of under-earning and tenement-dwelling in which he and his friends grew up. Not long after his eighteenth birthday, Chance is sent to Vietnam. During this time abroad, he witnesses rampant drug use and decides that if other people are getting rich off dealing drugs, he might as well be one of them. As soon as he gets discharged, Chance hooks up with some of his old friends and service buddies to form a gentlemen's syndicate.~~~~Estes Jennings grew up in poverty in Queens in the early 1960sand joined the U.S. Army as a way out of a dead-end life. When hecouldn?t get a job, he had to live the best he could on the streets ofNew York. Jennings currently lives in New Jersey.~~396~~~~~~~~~~ N25611793A~~Borne on the wings of a reluctant empire, long before the overt and full commitment of U.S. forces in Southeast Asia, the seeds of what would later be known as the Laotian Secret War were being planted by an unconventional assemblage of heroes and knaves, lunatics and eccentrics. Sgt. Marcus Omodei, a weatherman with the U.S. Air Force and an expert marksman, stumbles into the vortex of the coming storm. On the way to a new posting in Thailand, he is puzzled to discover that his security classification has been elevated to top secret. He doesn't know it yet, but this is just the prelude to a series of adventures that he won't soon forget. Soon, Omodei finds himself playing a critical role in the secret war.~~~~Rudy de Paolis was born in Rome in 1939. He served four years in the U.S. Air Force and eventually made a career on Wall Street, where he established and headed a brokerage firm that specialized in risk arbitrage. He lives in Bridgehampton, Long Island.~~384~~~~~~~~~~ N25611794A~~This story is inspired by a real experience as Dillon chronicled his time in the Calumet area. Ten years of being a single parent, Dillon finally takes a chance on a new relationship with a younger woman. The adventure takes place in a Region of the Calumet Indiana from Lake Michigan to Dyer, from Valparaiso to the west side of Gary. Playing guitar at local bars that have an Open stage he noticed a particular type of woman he called the "Calumet Girl.
About the AuthorThe author has a master?s degree in counseling psychology from the University of California. He has 15 years of experience in drug counseling.He taught himself to play guitar while raising his son in Valparaiso when he started to sing Bob Dylan songs. All he wanted to do was have a little fun. That?s all a little bit of fun.
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The Baker'S Boy Paperback

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