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Country of OriginUnited States of America (USA)
AuthorTerry Oliver Mejdrich
Publication Date31-Jan-04
Book DescriptionTracker Charlie Johnson and Deputy Lora Whitney race against the clock searching for the common link between the mysterious bones, a suspicious airplane crash, and a reluctant sky-diver in order to prevent another victim from following in the footsteps of "The Bog Lady." "Any idea how long she's been down there?" "Really hard to tell. At least five years, not more than twenty." "Any idea about the cause of death?" "None of the remains give a hint. Best to put her back together and see where she leads." "Put her back together?" "Her face at least. She may not look like much now but wait until we get her makeup on. After that it's simply a matter of Who-done-it 101." "Explain." "The first place we look is within the family.~~~~Terry Oliver Mejdrich is a former math/science teacher, currently a freelance writer, and life-long resident of the woods and sky blue water country of Northern Minnesota. ~~384~~~~~~~~~~ N25611755A~~From heartache to joy, these are the stories of mummies, earthquakes and a doomed hospital in a cave, dynamite and thievery. Here is a history spanning the first 130 years of the longest cave in the world. "Beneath Their Feet" is told through the fictional lives of four generations living on Mammoth Cave Ridge until the government bought their farm to make room for one of the country's most colorful National Parks. "Beneath Their Feet" is a colorful tapestry interwoven between the real and the imagined involving the lives of the Penn and Lamber families. This is a story involving the hardships and struggles of these strong, independent, hard-working men and women who formed a part of south-central Kentucky.~~~~~~384~~~~~~~~~~ N25611756A~~A man sits on a stool for sixteen hours a day. He must not talk, even to himself. Every five minutes the piercing eye of his jailor scours his tomb-like cell. This, he has been told, will be his life for the next twenty-five years. How will he keep from going mad? A child mysteriously loses her father at the age of five. She grows up among whispers, rumors, accusations. How will she protect her fragile ego against a hostile world? At the height of a brilliant career, general and Vice-Minister of Defense Ion Eremia, Nicolae Ceausescu's archrival, risked everything in order to tell the truth about communism. He was sentenced in 1959 to twenty-five years in prison while his actress wife and young children were persecuted and ostracized.~~~~Dr. Irina Bragin has taught English at UCLA, the University of Judaism, and currently, Shalhevet High in Los Angeles. Her work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, Reader's Digest, and Glencoe McGraw/Hills's edition of Solzhenitsyn's One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich with Related Readings.~~298~~~~~~~~~~ N25611757A~~Born to a Gothic social order, branded a haunter of men's dreams, Vedette is traumatized when her small town in the magical wetlands of southern Spain's Guadalquivir River is overrun by hashish-smoking anarchists promising free love and a life without sadness to those who would follow them. Entranced by their flamenco music, their philosophy of revenge, and the concrete ability to deliver political results, the young woman joins a movement destined to annihilation and becomes its sole survivor, burdened with the task of keeping its memory and project for a better world alive through conversations with their flamenco shadows.~~~~Stephen Siciliano is a 19th century man writing his way through a 21st century nightmare.~~392~~~~~~~~~~ N25611758A~~Under the memories of Paris in black and white, the weavers of fantasies become time travelers, as they experience body transmutations and different types of love that are hidden in the secrecy of life. A story that perforates psychoanalyses with a needle and with the infinite threads that weave the feminine tapestry away from our daily perspectives, where time and space are mingled and flow into a virtual dimension. The characters are metamorphosed into a constant becoming of fantasies, friendship and into the multiplicity of what silently entangles the existence. "Li(e)nes: Vestiges of an Opera" is an endless tunnel that meets other sides and other dimensions, turning the universal truths into intersecting feminine lies.~~~~Jacqueline Reino Zanini has dedicated 25 years of her life to studying Literature, Philosophy and Music. A Literature of the Fantastic writer, she has been writing novels and short stories since the age of 12.~~396~~~~~~~~~~ N25611759A~~"CUC: Flower of the Delta" is love story of two young Vietnamese refugees who survived the horrors of war in Southeast Asia, escaped by boat to the camps of Thailand and were resettled in the United States in 1981. It's a little-told story of the tragic fallout from the Vietnam War, one that millions of Southeast Asians--and Americans--can relate to. Most of the refugees found sponsors in United States and elsewhere, but after more than two decades they still have no place to really call home.~~~~Peter A. Geniesse, 1960 graduate from the University of Notre Dame, and worked as a reporter and editor for several newspapers over the past four decades. He has traveled extensively throughout the Third World on writing assignments. Flower of the Delta is his first book.~~296~~~~~~~~~~ N25611760A~~In Volume one, "Curse of the Black Rose," an 18th century man, cursed to live as a vampire, travels to modern day Los Angeles in completion of his search for the soul of a long lost love. Paul Sheppard has waited for centuries for this moment. He has watched Julia Fields from the shadows and is convinced that she is the one that will end his suffering. Follow Paul as he tries to balance his love for Julia, his lust for human blood, and his will to survive a painful past. Encounter the obstacles thrown in his path that only make his search more desperate and heartfelt. The stakes are high and time is running out.~~~~Melissa R. Smith lives just outside Birmingham, Alabama with her husband and three children. She has been writing for four years with stories spanning different genres, including fantasy and fan fiction. Two Tales from The Lost Souls Journals is her third publication. She is currently working on her fourth book.~~396~~~~~~~~~~ N25611761A~~As the Twenty First Century dawns, America is shaken by the worst economic depression since 1929. Terrorism, unemployment, political, racial and social unrest pushes the nation to the brink of political collapse. Free trade, multiculturalism, uncontrolled immigration, moral decline and cultural decadence have divided the nation and undermined confidence in the two-party system, while the special interest groups that control the establishment exploit the nation for their own advancement. Onto the national stage steps George Burton; a young, charismatic, self-made billionaire and war hero, who uses his fortune to build a political movement designed to challenge the powerful political interest groups that control the establishment.~~~~Arnold Kontiel was born in 1922, fought in the Second World War and worked for NASA until 1982. He supported Goldwater, Wallace, Reagan, Perot and Buchanan, working for both the Democrats and Republicans, and is now retired.~~396~~~~~~~~~~ N25611762A~~A stimulating read, a real page turner. Perfect for those nights when your girlfriend just left you for a sushi chef and stomped a hole in your heart with a spiked high heel shoe.~~~~~~332~~~~~~~~~~ N25611763A~~"Kalo Taxidi" (have a safe journey) is a novel about two brothers who were separated in childhood. Part one concerns Brian, a neurosurgeon in training at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in the 1940's when neurosurgery was in its formative stages as a surgical specialty. Part two relates the experiences of Brian's brother Marshall from the time he was rescued as a child from a storm in the Agean Sea to his service as a British agent in Greece during World War II.~~~~~~392~~~~~~~~~~ N25611764A~~"I didn't ask to be no preacher's son!" Nicky shouted at his father. His mother gasped. "Nicky, you don't mean that!" His father stood to his own feet in authority. "Nicky, don't you walk out that door when I'm talking to you!" Nicky jerked the door opened, ignoring his father, and slammed the door behind him.~~~~~~384~~~~~~~~~~ N25611765A~~Bonita's become a pariah in South Carolina and leaves for greener pastures in Tennessee. Once again she becomes embroiled in scandal amidst delightful dialogue, gossip, parties, teas, luncheons, stately mansions, designer clothing and exquisite jewelry. Interspersed with delicious Southern recipes for comfort foods, get ready for another frolic through Dixieland with all of its mores, nuances, dialogue, colloquialisms, gentility, sex, and occasional depravity.~~~~Ms. Nunn's first two books were entitled The Magnolia Ball and Stolen Sons. The Magnolia Ball-dash-Two is a continuation of the first book, the second in The Magnolia Series. Rebecca lives in Raleigh, NC, and Kilmarnock, Virginia.~~390~~~~~~~~~~ N25611766A~~"Beetle Bailey" has over 200 million daily readers and appears in almost 2,000 newspapers worldwide. Few strips have the popularity of staying power of "Beetle Bailey," able to entertain readers for over five decades. As creator or co-creator of eight other popular comic strips, including "Hi & Lois" and "Boner's Ark," Mort Walker is the most widely published cartoonist in comics history. It's a testament to Walker's genius and Beetles' Universal appeal. Walker created Beetle Bailey just before the Korean War, and the strip has evolved into a comics page staple where the fun, but ineffectual, denizens of Camp Swampy exist in a place long forgotten by the Pentagon.~~~~Mort Walker, creator of Beetle Bailey and Hi & Lois is the best selling cartoonist appearing in 3,000 newspapers in 52 countries with 200,000,000 readers every day, over 200 books published, 50 films, a stage musical, 4 children’s books, and 3 non-fiction books. He is the founder and chairman of the International Museum of Cartoon Art.~~244~~~~~~~~~~ N25611767A~~After a storm on the North Sea in 1991, the peace of a routine spring morning is shattered when a secret German World War II chemical weapon washes up on the shore of a small Scottish fishing village, killing scores of inhabitants in a gruesome, painful manner. Retired U.S. Navy Bomb Disposal technician Mack Turner and his newly organized GREEN Team are dispatched to discover the cause of this mass murder and remove the threat before it can create additional destruction. While in Scotland, the team discovers the depth of the German plot and the imminent threat to New York City.~~~~R. L. Keck is a retired U.S. Navy Bomb Disposal technician living in Tampa, Florida, where he works as the environmental, health, and safety manager for a small chemical company.~~380~~~~~~~~~~ N25611768A~~Canadian Travis Kelland was 20 years old when Germany invaded Poland to start World War II. Travis was also the only son and heir to Sir Charles Kelland, a wealthy and powerful businessman whose vast holdings stretched across many provinces of Canada. Sir Charles was grooming young Travis to eventually take the reins of the Kelland empire. However, Travis had other plans. He enlisted in the Royal Canadian Navy and set forth on a grand adventure to fight the Nazis. Of course, Travis was in for a rude awakening. He joined the MTB's (Motor Torpedo Boats) squadrons fighting in the Channel and the North Sea and was immediately faced with death and destruction, winning the DSO from the King himself. Yet Travis was a survivor too.~~~~Derek Hart is the prolific author of action and adventure novels, known for their historical accuracy, while still maintaining a high level of entertainment. Romance is also a vital part of Derek Hart's trademark style and his novels generally appeal to men and women alike. ~~384~~~~~~~~~~ N25611769A~~In the early 19th century, Blair Harvey comes to Exeter with a degree from Oxford, and high hopes of forging a career in the legal profession. But a brush at Exeter Fair with an Irish prostitute pricks his conscience, and he seeks spiritual refuge with Dr. Percy Brougham, a high Church Anglican who is flirting with Roman Catholicism. Blair sets his sights on Brougham's independently minded daughter Susannah. They marry, and when Brougham dies of apoplexy, Blair inherits the family fortune. He sets up a thriving shipping business in Teignmouth, and for a while assumes the role of a paterfamilias and patron of the arts.~~~~Charles Gidley Wheeler was brought up among the Plymouth Brethren but broke away from the sect on joining the British Royal Navy at the age of sixteen. He is the author of six other historical novels, including The River Running By and The Crying of the Wind.~~396~~~~~~~~~~ N25611770A~~"Brownstone," a proletarian, slice-of-life novel set during the McCarthy Era was described by a Negro journalist in a dispatch for circulation among Negro newspapers as "a novel for readers weary of sensationalism, brutality and despair. The story discloses the drama in the lives of ordinary people thrown together in a brownstone-front rooming house on Manhattan's Upper West Side. It is held together by Martha, the Negro housekeeper....portrayed with dignity and rare understanding....Her warmth and wisdom are decisive in several difficult situations faced by the other characters. Miguel, a garment worker and the first sympathetic Puerto Rican character ever portrayed in a novel by a white author, confronts a crisis with a hostile employer.
About the AuthorArthur Kahn, an octogenarian retired Classics professor and author of twelve books, published his first novel at the age of 34. He had already served as a World War II Office of Strategic Services operative, and as director of nationalities during Henry Wallace's 1948 presidential campaign, research director for the Peace Information Center chaired by W.E.B. DuBois
Number of Pages384

The Bog Lady Paperback

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