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The Boogie Trap Hardcover

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AuthorKerry Copeland Smith
PublisherHalMarx Publishing
Book DescriptionSomething happened to two boys over sixty years ago. The backwoods of alabama in the 1940's set the stage for this edge of your seat thriller. Boogie and trapper are best friends known about town for their wild, annoying, obnoxious, and hysterically funny antics. Roaming the woods, swimming in the creek, playing double dare, smoking, cussing, drinking beer, and always trying to outdo each other. These 2 thirteen year old boys growing up in this time period have freedoms that would be considered absolutely crazy by today's standards. Riding their bikes on a drizzly april day, goofing off and having fun for hours, looking forward to the boy/girl party they are excitedly anticipating later today, rumors of kissing games and such makes them silly and giddy. Then the day goes terribly wrong. They have found themselves in a desperate "no way out" situation. They are thrown into a horrific event that moves faster than a speeding bullet, a wild, white knuckled roller coaster ride, run boogie, run, run............ A suspenseful, scary thriller, tragically horrific, it is a story that must be told, a promise that must be kept. Their lives will be changed forever, can they get away, and will they ever live to tell the tale.
Number of Pages358