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AuthorGretchen Heffernan
PublisherBacklash Press
Publication Date01-May-17
Book DescriptionWhat happens when Jacques Beaumont, a black artist, moves to a small, racist town in 1950â (TM)s Midwestern America and falls in love with the abused wife of the town sheriff and ringleader of the areas white supremacy group? Jacques Beaumont is a French Haitian artist of Voodoo ancestry and has the ability to resurrect the dead through his sculpture. The death of his parents takes him to a remote town in Illinois, where he hopes to find the seclusion necessary to perfect his craft, but instead falls in love with tragic Elora Donnelley. Elora is the abused wife of Arlo Donnelley, the townâ (TM)s sheriff who is also a drunk and the ringleader of the areas white supremacy group. When Arlo discovers that Elora is carrying Jacques child, he attempts to murder Elora and dumps her body alongside the Mississippi river, where Jacques finds her nearly dead. Jacques decides to take her life, in order to resurrect her so that they may escape together. But the murder precipitates a series of events that force him into exile, and when Elora resurrects, she possesses Jacquesâ (TM)s ability and desires her own revenge. The Carving Circle is a lyrical noir love story that interlaces racism, rebirth, murder and art.
Number of Pages336