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The Dark Side: The Randi Lassiter Series Paperback

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AuthorD B Kennison
PublisherW.R. Publishing
Publication Date24-Apr-17
Book DescriptionBook two in the Randi Lassiter series follows the main character as she deals with the aftermath of nearly being murdered by a demented serial killer. She suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, which causes her to make rash decisions, take chances, and behave in other irrational ways. Randi's loved ones begin to question her decisions as she goes forward in an investigation that defends her ex-husband. Below is the jacket blurb: , , , , With the woman who tried to murder her finally behind bars, Randi Lassiter is wondering how much longer she must suffer the effects of the post-traumatic stress disorder that have plagued her for nearly a year. Just as she and her cop boyfriend, Jon Bricksen, settle into the routine of a happy couple, someone in town is murdered and the news threatens to send her down the rabbit hole again., , , , What Randi needs now is a P. I. case to focus on. When the only distraction available comes waltzing into her office, Randi embraces the opportunity like the lone life preserver on the Titanic. Too bad the client is her ex-husband, Stuart, who is looking for his missing new wife., , , , Randi's decision to help the man she has sworn to loathe for all eternity is so out of character that Jon questions not only her judgment, but her mental health as well. When he worries that she has lost her last marble, Randi begins to keep secrets from him. The kind of secrets that could break a relationship., , , , When Stuart is suddenly arrested for murder, Randi stubbornly stands by her ex-man. As she attempts the impossible by proving him innocent, Jon is doing his best to find him guilty., , , , Pitted against one another, the couple's love is tested. Can their relationship survive as a conspiracy of secrets place them in danger?
Number of Pages362

The Dark Side: The Randi Lassiter Series Paperback

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