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The Evil And The Good : An Ellen Windsor Tobias Masterson Thriller Hardcover

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AuthorGlenn Rogers
PublisherSimpson & Brook, Publishers
Publication Date22-Jan-17
Book DescriptionTwo young prostitutes commit suicide. Or did they? Ex-cop turned crime reporter, Ellen Windsor, wants to know., , , , Two murderous career criminals who should have gone to prison for a very long time are set free due to legal technicalities. The next day, each is found dead. Broken neck. Ellen suspects a vigilante walks the streets of L.A., , , , Tobias Masterson, former Green Beret, wealthy philanthropist and CEO of a security-consulting firm enjoys the highest levels of anonymity. He keeps a low profile, helps the helpless, and keeps a close watch on a justice system that too often lets the guilty go free. He's investigating a ruthless Ukrainian diplomat who's connected not only to a thriving sex business, but also to the sale of illegal weapons and drugs., , , , When Ellen's and Tobias' investigations bring them together, Ellen finds herself drawn to and yet suspicious of the intriguing, secretive Tobias Masterson., , , , In the process of discovering the truth about dead prostitutes and criminals, corrupt politicians and vigilantes, Ellen must decide whether Tobias is part of the good she admires or the evil she abhors.
Editorial ReviewThe Evil And the Good Review You have to love mystery, mayhem, and murder. There is plenty of each surrounding Tobias and Ellen as their paths cross while exposing the sex-slave trade in the city of Los Angeles. Rogers takes you right to the streets in this modern day thriller with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Doug Burton
Number of Pages284