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The Girl In The Face Of The Clock: A Mystery Paperback

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AuthorCharles Mathes
PublisherSt. Martin's Griffin
Publication Date40792
Book DescriptionCharles Mathes has impressed readers with his inventive series of "Girl" stand-alones in which a different female heroine must uncover a dark secret about her family's past. In this fourth addition to the series, Mathes brings readers Jane Sailor, a young woman who choreographs stage combat for theatrical productions. She is working at a regional repertory company when she gets an ominous phone call urging her to return to New York: something has happened to her father., , Jane has been expecting this call for years. Aaron Sailor was a promising painter before he fell down the stairs of their Soho loft. He has been in a coma for the past eight years, and the doctors have made it clear that there is no chance for recovery. This phone call from the nursing home can only mean one thing. , , But her father is not dead, Jane learns to her surprise. Still unconscious, he has suddenly begun to speak. What he says is as baffling as it is upsetting. "No, Perry, don't do it. No, Perry, no." Were these the last words that Aaron spoke before his head was smashed on the vestibule floor? Could his fall perhaps have not been an accident? And who was Perry? , , Searching through her father's old papers Jane stumbles across a name she has never heard before. Perry Mannerback turns out to be an eccentric billionaire who spends his time giving away money and collecting rare clocks. Jane goes to work for him, hoping to find some answers, but instead discovers the real question: Will she get out of this alive? , , From the high stakes world of New York City art galleries to the underbelly of London's antique trade to the puzzling attentions of an international financier, Jane follows the trail of a killer as Charles Mathes takes his readers on another dazzling adventure.
Editorial Review"This is a story far more intricate than it first appears--more intricate, and darker, too. Fans of Mathes' previous two mysteries will no doubt clamor for this one." --Booklist on The Girl at the End of the Line "Literate prose, exotic locations, empathetic characterization, and a complicated plot give rise to a powerful and entertaining work. Do not miss this one." --Library Journal on The Girl Who Remembered Snow "Mathes novel is a real page-turner with a genuinely surprising ending." --Booklist on The Girl Who Remembered Snow "A dazzling story - bizarre, believable, and riveting to the end." --Kirkus Reviews on The Girl With the Phony Name
About the AuthorCharles Mathes is the director of a prominent art gallery in New York City and an appraiser of fine art.
Number of Pages208