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AuthorAa Abbott
PublisherPerfect City Press
Publication Date16-Jul-17
Book DescriptionDon't you wish print was easier to read? Here's your answer! This pacy crime thriller has been published in a LARGE PRINT format that's dyslexia-friendly too., , Shaun knows who put him inside - and he plans to make her pay..., , Shaun Halloran wouldn't be in prison if glamorous Kat White hadn't taken his gun. Pictures of the stunning blonde are plastered all over his cell. As soon as he can escape, she's dead. But with his criminal empire crumbling, he can't trust anyone., , Kat, panicked by poison pen letters, has nowhere to turn. Her parents are dead and her brother's ill. Even her sexy new business partner may not be what he seems. When she receives life-changing news, vodka is the only answer..., , A tense crime thriller with plenty of twists, "The Grass Trail" races through Birmingham, London and the former Soviet Union - tempting you to turn each page., , Printed in Verdana 14 point with 1.5 line spacing. The large print in sans serif font, wide line spacing, cream paper and short chapters make this edition a breeze to read. Helpful to readers with visual impairment or visual stress, and dyslexic readers. Also available in traditional paperback and e-book formats.
Number of Pages440