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The Land Of Hugh Paperback

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About the AuthorW.T LEWIS, has taken a lifetime to present this moving adventure to the public. Mostly because it has so many events that come from his own lifes journey. Some of it is inspired by his truth and some on others, but as Mr. Lewis says, Even out of fantasy truth is found Mr. Lewis has worn many hats in this life, went to College for a brief time was drafted into the Army, raised his family, built his business, and faced all the challenges of living just as each of us do. He has been a key speaker at several Spiritual conventions and now he wears the hat of being a writer. Is he qualified? He seems to think so, his story of The Land of Hugh is of profound truths wrapped in an adventure that flows like Siddartha, peppered with the whimsy of Tom Sawyer and the adventure of Harry Potter. Mr. Lewis has created a life that challenges the mundane reality that we as Humans accept as real and from this life he tells the story that began when he was an Army soldier during the Viet Nam war, Mr. Lewis saw the madness of war and from this phase of his life he became interested in Spiritual events, past, present and for him Future. The challenge of The Land of Hugh, is for each reader to find their own truth within this story of a young boys Spiritual awakening and the struggle to save his family.
Author 1W T Lewis
Number of Pages450
Publication Date25-Apr-18
PublisherBalboa Press