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AuthorHarvey Church
PublisherQuotestork Media, Inc.
Publication Date09-Jan-18
Book DescriptionFifteen years ago, his daughter was abducted and hasn't been heard from since. So when a young woman knocks on Donovan's door and claims to be his daughter's last friend, he is eager to invite her inside and hear all about his daughter's final months, weeks, and days in captivity., , Last Friend or Fraud?, , But Donovan soon understands that this so-called friend may not be the person she claims. Did she really know his daughter? If so, why does she need to borrow his car? Why does she ask for money? , , His Daughter's Last Breath, , Just when Donovan's doubts get the better of him, the Last Friend offers something the FBI has not been able to figure out in over a decade and a half: an up-close view of the man who snatched his daughter from right under his nose., , Facing a Monster of the Worst Kind, , Confronting the worst kind of monster isn't as easy as it seems...not when there's still hope, even a small shred of hope that his daughter might be a survivor.
Number of Pages288