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AuthorBarbara Eppich Struna
Publication Date01-Jun-16
Book DescriptionNancy Caldwell uncovers a pirate mystery that had the Old Salts of Cape Cod wondering for close to 300 years in the historical fiction, The Old Cape House. Was she lucky or a good detective? Nancy returns in The Old Cape Teapot, the second in a series, to uncover the trails of two survivors from the wreck of the 1717 pirate ship Whydah. Armed with the knowledge that in pirate culture the looted riches were equally shared, she takes us to the tropical island of Antigua and back to Cape Cod searching for clues to more treasure. Using alternating chapters from the 18th to the 21st century, danger and conspiracy follow her at every turn. What will help her this time? During a sunset stroll across Brewster's tidal flats on Cape Cod, author Barbara Eppich Struna found a blue-flowered pottery shard from an old dinner plate. An avid storyteller, several "What if this piece was..." or "Maybe it belonged to..." scenarios sparked her imagination. Barbara felt compelled to continue the story of the Bellamy/Hallett legend and the adventures of contemporary Nancy Caldwell in her second historical fiction, The Old Cape Teapot.
Number of Pages242