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Author 1Stanley Brzycki
Book DescriptionThere are forces in the universe easily explained by science; then, there are other forces like ESP, telekinesis, and astral projection that science hasn't quite caught up with. Peter and Newel, two men from different families, share these strange abilities, beyond the veil of science, and they are unknowingly born enemies., , Peter's family is normal and everyday, living in Portland, Oregon. Newel is the son of an infamous serial killer who intends to rid the world of prostitutes and teaches his son to do the same. Soon, Peter and Newel's paths cross, and when the Power is unleashed, havoc and horror surround their every step., , Peter intends to use his abilities to help the police catch a killer; his enemy will use the Power to wreak chaos in Portland. Newel hopes to prove his powers are vastly superior to those of Peter and destroy his unsuspecting nemesis. However, in this case, winning might have more to do with strength, spirit, and goodness.